Most people don’t view insurance as fun. Rosie gets that, but it won’t stop her from trying. Let her be your broker, and she will show you that insurance in Cobourg has a remarkable, friendly, side.

Rosie Ann Tejnor likes to have fun. But that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t take her clients or their insurance needs seriously. Instead, she uses her fresh insurance mind and quick-witted personality to engage her clients in an insurance relationship that is rewarding, both in terms of the actual policy and the friendship that it fosters. An adventurous soul who loves humour, home cooked food and playing with her dogs, Rosie is a fantastic choice to service your insurance needs in Cobourg! But don’t take our word for it – check out her profile below.


Rosie Ann Tejnor

Place of Birth?

Cobourg, ON


Rosie loves being outdoors with her family (Husband and toddler son) and two doggies (Kona & Kenda). She also loves being active playing tennis or doing yoga, cooking scrumptious meals, and even traveling the world.

Favorite food?

Absolutely anything made by her mom! Home cooking is the best.

Favorite saying?

“Treat others how you would like to be treated.”

One thing you should know about her:

Most people don’t know that Rosie is a classically trained singer and musician! She took singing lessons for twenty years, and has supplemented that with extensive training on the piano. And despite the serious reputation of the insurance industry, Rosie really is just a playful, joking kid at heart.

How did you get involved in insurance?

Without any pre-existing ties in the industry, Rosie just learnt about an opportunity at McDougall Insurance and then jumped right in. As she got licensed and learned more, insurance seemed like a better and better fit. Rosie enjoys talking to people, and getting them the products they need to protect what is important to them. That’s really all insurance is (with some paperwork sprinkled in here and there).

What do you bring to the table to help your clients?

Rosie brings honestly and relatability to each and every client she works with. She enjoys building a connection with clients – one that is more than just a professional relationship. She likes to share her personal experiences, and wants to hear about yours too! With a stronger relationship Rosie can better understand her client’s needs, and therefore can get them the proper insurance. She would never force someone to take coverage that they didn’t need – that just wouldn’t sit right with her. Her friends deserve better, and she works hard to make it so.

What do you think is important in a relationship with a client?

He’s so cute!

He’s so cute!

Trust. Its what will make or break a successful insurance policy. Rosie wants her clients to know that they can count on her to get the job done, and do it in a professional and timely way. She needs her clients to know that she has their best interest in mind, and that by working together, they can make insurance an investment, instead of a cost.

Anything else you would like to add?

Rosie would like all new customers to feel free to contact her anytime. Her door is always open, and she looks forward to serving her community for many years to come.

If you think Rosie sounds like your kind of insurance help, email her at or give her a call at 905-372-2776 x 2607.

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