Meet the Dougallers features Jason Schooley.

Insurance has always been a part of the Schooley family. Growing up Jason’s family owned their own brokerage and he has been involved in the industry ever since. His sister Megan also works in the industry and has joined the McDougall Insurance team as well. But we talk enough about insurance, this article steps away from the insurance world and looks at Jason from a different angle. Lets have a look shall we?

Place of Birth?

I was born in Perth, Ontario.


My hobbies include car’s and when I have downtime I love hanging out at the lake with family and friends.

Favourite food and why?

When it comes to food I will eat anything off the BBQ!

Favourite saying?

Let’s go to the Lake. I try and say that every weekend during the Summer.

Jason Schooley boating

Favourite movie?

I am a big fan of the 007 – James Bond movies. I am not sure what my favourite is. What is yours?

One thing we should know about you?

I swam at The World Master’s Competition in 2014. I also have two beautiful Daughters, Rachel and Taya.

Jason Schooley at the lake

How did you get involved in insurance?

It’s a family thing…..

What do you bring to the table to help your clients?

When it comes to helping my clients I always try to build meaningful relationships with them through the use of my people skills and patience. I also have 25 years of experience in the industry and the knowledge I have acquired over that time helps me tailor insurance plans and coverage to my clients needs.

What do you think is important in a relationship with a client?

Trust, they have to trust me and I have to know that I can trust them. That’s the foundation of a long term business relationship – any relationship actually.

Favourite sports team?

I enjoy watching sports but if I have to pick a favourite team I have to go with the Toronto Blue Jays. I love baseball and Canada’s team.

Anything else you would like to add? 

I am very happy to be working in my community again.

McDougall Insurance is thrilled to welcome the Schooley Insurance team to our team! If you are interest in connecting with Jason you can find him on LinkedIn or send him an email at

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