Episode 1: The Dog House

Do I get a discount on my home insurance because I have a dog?



Do I get a discount on my home insurance because I have a dog in my home?


Insurance companies do not give a discount for having a dog in your home. In fact, some insurance companies charge more. Two reasons:

  1. Animals can cause property damage.
  2. There are liability concerns especially with certain types of dogs.


More Info:

This question often sparks a healthy debate as many people believe owning a dog is a good way to prevent theft. Dogs can intimidate potential intruders or alert the owner when someone is entering the property. So for that reason we understand why one might think it warrants a discount. However, outside of the movies dogs do not play a significant role in preventing theft. This is why insurance companies do not give a discount.

Why The Surcharge?

Dogs, despite how much we love them can sometimes cause quite a bit of damage. There have been horror stories of dogs chewing through electrical sockets, knocking tv’s off their stand, and ripping apart furniture. All of these cost money to replace.

For certain breeds of dogs there is an increased risk when it comes to liability. As you can imagine dogs can get worked up and if pushed too far or provoked they can cause serious harm. Even dog breeds that are not known to be violent can cause damage. There are several cases of loving dogs causing damage to young children. As a result some insurance companies may actually increase your premium if you own a dog.

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