Episode 3: My House Is On Fire

My House is on fire, can I still get insurance?


My house is currently on fire, can I still get insurance?


This is a stupid question! You should not be calling us, call the fire department!

More Info:

First of all, if your house is on fire the first thing you should do is safely evacuate the house. Insurance should not be on your mind. However, there are occasions where people try to purchase insurance after a claim has already occurred. In the insurance world this is known as fraud and the success rate of getting a claim paid out is about 0% if you purchase a policy after a claim has already occurred. Yet, people try to pull this off each and every day. Whether your home is on fire, flooded, damaged by wind, etc you cannot purchase coverage after the damage has been done and expect to receive coverage or compensation for those damages.

If you require home insurance, head to our home insurance page and speak to one of our knowledgeable home insurance brokers.

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