Episode 5: Snowmobile In Summer

I only drive my snowmobile in the winter months, can I cancel my coverage once the snow is gone?



I only drive my snowmobile in the winter months, can I cancel my coverage once the snow is gone?


Insurance companies know that snowmobiles are only driven during the winter period, so they charge an annual premium that accounts for the fact that the snowmobile will be put away for the summer months. You can cancel your snowmobile insurance policy; however, it will not save you any money.

More Info:

Unlike a car insurance policy, the premium for snowmobile insurance is charged seasonally. As a result, it does not make sense to cancel your snowmobile insurance in the summer. There are also some benefits to keeping the coverage on the snowmobile year round. If you have comprehensive coverage your sled will be protected year round. This includes while it is in storage and will protect your snowmobile from risks like theft, fire, wind, etc. If you cancel the policy that coverage will not be available. Likewise, there will still be the liability coverage on the snowmobile for some additional peace of mind. The good news is most snowmobile policies are inexpensive if you bundle the snowmobile with your car insurance.

If you would like a quote for snowmobile insurance or to speak to one of our snowmobile insurance brokers, head to our snowmobile insurance page.

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