Episode 6: Kiddy Car

Is my insurance cheaper if I put my child’s car under my name?



Is it cheaper if I put my child’s car under my name?


Insurance companies do not care whose name is on the policy, they are more interest in who has access to the vehicle. The principal operator of the vehicle is the one they are going to rate for.

More Info:

If your child is the one using the vehicle on a regular basis then they will need to be listed as the principal operator and the insurance rating will be based on their driving record. In the event that there are more drivers than vehicles in the household, your child may be listed as an occasional operator on the vehicle. Most insurance companies rate differently when there are more drivers than vehicles in the household so it is important to ask your broker for more information. If your looking to insure your child’s car and your child only has their G1 most insurance companies will still ensure you are the principal operator. However, once your child receives their G2 license they will become the principal operator and the rating will switch to them.

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