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A family of raccoons damaged my home, am I covered for that?


Question: A family of raccoons damaged my home, does my home insurance cover that?

Answer: This really depends on the coverage you carry on your property insurance policy. Some insurance companies will provide coverage for damage caused by animals but others exclude it in their wordings. Ask your insurance broker about your on home insurance policy to find out if you have protection.

Additional Info: Raccoons and other animals can damage your home. Most standard homeowner’s policies, with comprehensive coverage, will help cover the damage caused by a raccoon to your home. However, this coverage will not extend to your personal property or contents. For instance if a raccoon damages your roof and then gets inside and damages your furniture you insurance policy will pay for the repairs to the roof but not your new furniture. If you have a named perils home insurance policy, animal damage would need to be listed on the policy as a provided coverage in order to receive the coverage. It is important to note that a raccoon is not considered a rodent. Your policy may have a strict exclusion for rodents (mice, squirrels and rats) in which case the damage would not be covered.

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