Episode 2 – Not My Fault

Why did my insurance company say I was at-fault when it was just the road conditions?


Question: Why did my insurance company say I was at-fault when it was just the road conditions? I thought Ontario had no-fault insurance and I didn’t hit anyone?

Answer: Ontario has no-fault insurance (more on that below), but insurance companies will still partition fault for an accident. Even if the police don’t lay charges the insurance companies will still determine who is at fault. For instance if someone is driving a car and it goes off the road and hits a tree that person will be found 100% at-fault. Same thing when it comes to road condition like an icy road. That can cause an at-fault accident even though it is technically not your fault.

Additional Info: The term no-fault insurance is a bit misleading and often misunderstood. Anytime there is an auto insurance claim fault is assigned. It is assigned as a percentage and that percentage can differ depending on the circumstance. What no-fault means is that regardless of who is at fault your insurance company will cover your damages and if there is a third party involved their insurance company will cover their damages. This is done in an attempt to make the claims process more simple and efficient.

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