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Do I need sewer backup insurance coverage if I live on the second floor?


Question: Do I need sewer backup coverage if I live on the second floor?

Answer: Sewer backup is a terrible name because it applies for many kinds of water damage. Water damage can happen on the first floor, the second floor, even the fiftieth floor of an apartment building.

Additional Info: Sewer backup insurance coverage is designed to protect your home or apartment if the municipal sewer system, your own private septic system, or sump pump fail and water backs up into your home or unit. No matter which event occurs it is a messy situation and can cause serious damage. And that stinks.

Standard policies do not include sewer backup coverage, you need to purchase it as an endorsement to your home or tenants insurance policy. With respect to this question if you live on the second floor sewer backup coverage would still be important to carry as your waterlines can backup no matter what floor you are on. In this case the coverage you could likely avoid is overland water protection.

For more information visit: Sewer Backup Coverage And Why Do You Need It?

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