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Young Drivers Insurance

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Ontario Young Drivers Auto Insurance – Free Quote Online

One of the things you look forward to most growing up is getting behind the wheel of your first car. At McDougall Insurance we understand the feeling of just starting to drive, but we also understand all the additional responsibility that comes with it. It’s our goal to make sure you have the best possible driving experience by ensuring you have the right knowledge and young driver auto insurance coverage to protect you while you’re enjoying yourself out on the road.

Group of people in a car with the top down. Young driver

Young Driver Insurance Experience

Taking off in your first car is an exhilarating feeling and at McDougall Insurance we’ve helped protect thousands of young drivers across Eastern Ontario on their first trips. Our friendly and knowledgeable young driver insurance brokers and staff will use their experience to guide you through all your coverage options to ensure you are getting the most out of your money and that you receive the best possible young driver auto insurance.

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Our Auto Insurance for Young Drivers in Ontario

No matter your driving experience, the government of Canada mandates that all motorists carry specific insurance coverages that includes; Liability for Bodily Injury, Liability for Property Damage, Direct Compensation, Uninsured Motorists and Accident Benefits.

While these are mandatory there are still many other optional coverages that drivers can choose from like; collision, comprehensive, loss of use as well as many others. As a young driver knowledge of insurance coverages are typically low and so this is where the young driver insurance broker advantage comes in. A professional broker can explain the coverages and guide you through the process of obtaining the right auto insurance coverages for you as each person has different requirements.

Our Young Driver Insurance Promise

We know getting insurance for the first time can be hard as experience is low and prices are high. That’s why it’s our promise at McDougall Insurance to use our industry knowledge and expertise to ensure you are getting the coverages you need. We use our unique relationships with the insurers of Canada to find you the best young driver auto insurance for the best price. Our excellent staff are always available in the event of a claim or to answer any concerns that you may have regarding your insurance needs.

Getting your first car is an exciting time, but also a complicated one. Contact McDougall Insurance to let us help you remove that complication so all you have to worry about is the road ahead. You can also request a free young drivers insurance quote online.

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Person drives with friend in passenger seat. Young drivers insurance

Student Driver Insurance

As a student finding affordable car insurance can be difficult. This is because you have less experience and your driving history is not as established as someone who is older. With such little history and experience it is difficult for insurance companies to provide a rate that truly reflects your driving habits and ability. This is why they charge a higher premium until you get more experience under your belt. Luckily for you we have access to some markets that offer discounts or tips and tricks to help your student car insurance rates.

New, young driver gets instruction on how to drive

Tips & Tricks For Student Drivers

Get Added to a Policy Right Away:

Parents listen up! As soon as your child receives their G2 you should be listening them as an operator on your policy. Depending on your company you may see an increase in your rates initially but believe us when we say you will save money for your child in the future. As soon as you list a new driver on a policy they begin building their insurance history. This means when your child goes to get their own vehicle one day their rates will be a lot cheaper. Make sure they say thank you!

Purchase Affordable, Safe Vehicles:

A big factor in determining the premium you are going to pay actually involves the vehicle you purchase. I know as a student you want to be cool and drive the fancy, expensive sports car or jacked up truck, but let us let you in on a little secret. It’s not cool! You will be paying way more in your insurance premium. Instead look for vehicles like SUV’s or 4 door sedan’s with high safety ratings. Your wallet will thank you!

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Student Car Insurance Discounts

Driver Training Courses

The best way to save money when you become a brand new student is complete a certified driver training course. Not only do these courses help you become a better, more responsible driver, but they also help you save money on your car insurance. When you start out driving you have a 0 star driving record. Unless of course you complete a driver training course. If you complete the course you will be awarded a 3 start driving record. This means better rates available from the insurance companies.

Graduated Licensing Discount

Insurance companies also tend to favour individuals who complete their G1, G2 and G licensing as quickly as possible. This indicates to the insurance company that you are a responsible driver and had no issues passing your driving test. Different companies offer different discounts but it is worth it to get your full G license as quickly as possible.

Good Student Discount

Are you a good student with an above 80% average? A select few of our carriers actually provide a discount to students with good grades. It is their way of saying keep up the good work!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Tyler French

Linda, and the rest of the team at McDougall, have been an incredible source of knowledge and expertise to help with my insurance needs while living locally, and away from home. From auto insurance on my first vehicle, to tenant insurance where I currently live in Toronto. I can easily ask for quotes and receive quick and honest responses. McDougall makes insurance a breeze.

AirBear Cj

Best brokers ever!!! I have been using brokers for about 11 years now. Last year I met Jon Borrello and he saved me big bucks!! I was clearly over paying with my other brokers even tho they promised me the best rate possible. I have since sent over 50 friends and family members to him and the Mc Dougall brokers and everyone has switched over. Even on my friends commercial insurance they were able to offer more coverage for less. They have affiliations with all the top insurance companies and will find you the best rate guaranteed. Not only that but I switch my vehicles around a lot and Jon is always there to quote me or help me with any questions any time of the day. Even when he is home late at night he still answers any questions I have within minutes. I can honestly say I will never use another broker other then Jon @ Mc Dougall again. Best customer service I have ever had!

Fern Stone

I have been a client at McDougall Insurance in Picton for 21 years. Everyone at the Picton office has been so pleasant and helpful. Thank you for all your help over the years!

Freska Jo

I can not say enough about this brokerage. The staff are professional, courteous and go above and beyond any other institution I have dealt with. When it comes to my home, auto and rental property coverage I know that McDougall has me covered and will save me money in the process. Highly recommend this brokerage.

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