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Ontario RV & Travel Trailer Insurance – Free Online Quote

Owning an RV or travel trailer in Ontario comes with a ton of benefits as our country offers so many amazing places to explore. Protecting yourself and your RV or travel trailer is important to ensure your exploring doesn’t turn sour. RV and motorhome insurance is very different from travel trailer insurance as you are operating a motor vehicle versus towing a motor vehicle.

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Our Travel Trailer Insurance Coverage

A travel trailer is not a motor vehicle and for that reason it does not require its own auto insurance policy. When the trailer is being towed it receives the same liability coverage that is currently on your auto policy, however it will not receive any other coverage’s that you may have associated with your auto policy such as comprehensive or collision coverage. Your property insurance typically covers the contents of your travel trailer but often times this may not be enough. That is why McDougall Insurance has a specialized travel trailer insurance package that acts as its own separate policy.

This package offers increased contents coverage, liability coverage and physical damage coverage to properly cover your travel trailer. Stay Covered and Grab Your Quick travel trailer Insurance Quote in Ontario.

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Each insurance provider may offer a variety of coverage options for an  Ontario travel trailer insurance policy.

These are the most popular options for Ontario travel trailer insurance coverage:

  •  Extended liability insurance
  •  Insurance coverage for the trailer and its contents as well as accessories
  •  Coverage for your trailer hitch and any other attachments to the trailer
  •  Coverage for loss and damage due to theft, vandalism, or fire
  •  Secure replacement coverage
  •  Water and sewer backup

You can also choose add-on endorsements to provide additional protection for your travel trailer, such as:

Emergency roadside assistance

This add-on is great because it lets you be assured that you’ll find the help you need if your travel trailer experiences any type of breakdown on the road.

Premise liability

Premise liability is another important coverage you should consider. It provides protection for your travel caravan while it’s parked and covers you against injury or property damage.

Emergency Vacation Expenses

This coverage covers you for any emergency that may arise and will allow you to continue your vacation even if your trailer is being repaired.

The Cost of Travel Trailer Insurance in Ontario

  • The price of Ontario travel trailer insurance is determined by many factors, including:
  •  The make and model of the trailer
  •  Dimensions of the trailer
  •  Accessories and features of the trailer
  •  Your driving history
  •  Your insurance claims history
  •  How often you use the trailer
  •  Whether you need to park the trailer or store it
  •  How much coverage you want
  •  The policy limits and deductible

The amount you’ll pay for your travel trailer insurance in Ontario will depend on several variables as listed above, however, on average, the cost of travel trailer insurance in Ontario can fall between $300 and $1000.


Our RV & Motor Home Insurance Coverage

Your RV or motor home acts as your home on wheels and should be treated that way, however because it is a recreational vehicle and can be driven independently, it requires its own auto insurance  policy. There are many variations of recreational vehicles from camper vans to bus conversions. As a result motor homes are organized by 3 classes; A, B and C. The rate you pay for your RV insurance will depend on these classes, as well as how much you use it and the value of the RV. Let one of our insurance experts help find you the proper RV or motor home insurance to protect you, your motor home and the contents within. When the unexpected happens you’ll be ready. Secure Your RV Insurance Insurance in Ontario.

Mandatory RV and Motorhome Insurance in Ontario

Property Insurance

Your RV is considered a home and must be insured. You keep your RV’s furnishings and personal belongings inside. That’s why property coverage includes contents insurance.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance, which is like regular auto insurance in Ontario for RV owners, covers injuries, property damage, or death resulting from an at-fault incident.

Find out more about mandatory RV insurance coverage options when you talk to one of our RV insurance brokers in Ontario.

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Optional RV and Motorhome Insurance in Ontario

These coverages are optional, but they are often included in a standard Ontario RV and motorhome insurance policy.

Comprehensive Coverage

Ontario’s mandatory RV insurance does not cover damage to your RV from weather conditions, theft, falling objects, fire, vandalism, explosions, or hitting an animal. This is the job of comprehensive coverage, which covers all these risks once you have purchased it.

Collision Coverage

Your liability coverage covers only the injuries and damages that another party sustains in an accident. But what about you? This is where collision coverage comes into action to protect your motorhome against damage or even replace it entirely in case of an accident with another vehicle.

Roadside Assistance Coverage

What happens if your RV is damaged while you are on vacation? These unexpected situations are why it is important to have roadside assistance coverage in your insurance policy.

Emergency Vacation Expenses Coverage

It’s also possible that your RV may become unusable due to damage sustained on the road. This coverage has your back when it comes to vacation expenses. It covers the cost of returning home or continuing your vacation if necessary.

The Cost of RV and Motorhome Insurance in Ontario

How much is motorhome insurance in Ontario is a question that many people will ask when looking for insurance policies. The answer depends largely on what type of vehicle you have, how much coverage you need, and your driving record.

There are many options for motorhome insurance in Ontario. Prices vary depending on which provider you choose. It is a good idea to contact multiple providers and compare their motorhome insurance quotes.

Our RV insurance brokers in Ontario can get you the most competitive RV insurance rates when you apply for a free quote!

Ontario RV & Travel Trailer Insurance – Free Online Quote

Ontario is home to some of the best RV & Travel Trailer destinations in the world. You can go anywhere you want in your mobile home or travel trailer and bring the comfort of home with you. Why not visit the unique sand dunes bridging Lake Ontario and West Lake in beautiful Prince Edward County? Take the family to explore the 1000 Islands or Muskokas. Head up North and find out what the wilderness has to offer in Bancroft or Algonquin Park. Or discover your own hidden gem no one else knows about? Do all of this while knowing McDougall Insurance & Financial has your RV or travel trailer protected with comprehensive travel trailer and RV insurance all Ontario residents can trust. Now all you have to worry about is finding your next destination.

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Our Travel Trailer & RV Insurance Experience

At McDougall Insurance & Financial we know that RV and travel trailer insurance require very different coverage. Knowing the difference between the two is important when it comes to finding the right recreational insurance policy.

Recreational vehicles, such as motor homes or travel trailers can be difficult to understand and everyone’s situation is unique. That is why when it comes to recreational vehicle insurance, it is important to have a broker on your side. Let one of our experts take care of you and your family, so you can enjoy your RV the way it was meant to be.

Travel Trailer & RV Insurance FAQ’s 

No, you are not required to carry insurance coverage on your travel trailer. A travel trailer is not the same as an RV so it does not fall under the same insurance needs. When towing your travel trailer the liability extends from the towing vehicles auto policy. However, once the vehicle is parked you will not receive the coverage extending from the automobile. This is why we always recommend carrying a separate liability insurance policy for your travel trailer.

Your travel trailer is considered road legal so long as it is being towed by an insured and registered vehicle. You can also carry a specialty travel trailer insurance policy to ensure you will receive coverage on the trailer no matter what it is being used for.

For an RV or motor home you are required to carry an auto liability policy because the vehicle is able to be operated independently. You may also need to add a property insurance policy if you live out of your RV or motor home.

Because RVs can be motorized, insurance for them is very different from that of a travel trailer. While travel trailers may be partially covered by extended car insurance, RVs will require their own policy.

Your lifestyle, how often you use your trailer, and your budget will all affect the amount of coverage that you get for your travel trailer. McDougall’s travel trailer insurance brokers can help you determine how much coverage you should get for your travel trailer.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Ashley S

Before working with McDougall/Bickerton I had been with my previous broker for years – a half decade or more I think – and I didn’t feel like I was getting the best deal anymore. I contacted Jon Borrello and right away I knew I’d found someone I could trust not only to find me a great deal, but to go to bat for me. Jon ended up saving me hundreds, and my coverage is excellent. I’m so happy with the service I have received that I happily refer my friends to him whenever they ask if I “know a guy in insurance”. Yeah, I know a guy. And he’s awesome!

Rhonda Murray

We have been a customer of McDougall Insurance for 15 years and can’t say enough good things about them. We have had the pleasure of working with Gary for the entire time and honestly can’t imagine having the trust I have with anyone else. Gary takes our calls, emails and texts any time we need his help. He has worked evenings and weekends in such an efficient manner that we’ve barely had the time to ask and it’s already been taken care of. He not only keeps us up to date on anything new with our policy he also recommends ways we can save money and improve our coverage. We highly recommend McDougall Insurance to anyone who wants knowledge, friendly customer service and 100% dedication.

Mark Dunwoodie

I am so happy that I switched over to McDougall/Brister Ever since I did I have had no issues at all Shannon Leblanc is always a great help and treats like a friend I would highly recommend this to everyone

Meagan Froats

I have had great experiences with Brister/McDougall. My insurance rate goes down every year. I am contacted and told of other options available to me. My boyfriend just changed to Brister/Mcdougall and it cut his monthly payment in half. Couldn’t be happier.

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