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Commercial Business Insurance

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Commercial / Business Insurance Ontario – Free Quotes Online

McDougall Insurance offers all types of commercial insurance, also known as business insurance. Commercial insurance is designed to protect your business assets such as your property and auto fleets. Not only that, but McDougall Insurance also protects your peace of mind through comprehensive coverage that includes business interruption, liability, and more. Below, you can read more about some of the Ontario business insurance coverage we can offer. 

Commercial Property Insurance

The best commercial business insurance policy is the one that most readily meets your business’ needs without costing you an arm and a leg. If your business owns a property, be that a warehouse, an office, or a retail shop, it should have commercial property insurance. A commercial business insurance broker can go over the details of this coverage with you, but ordinarily it covers the following: 


Business Interruption Insurance 

Business interruption insurance provides coverage for loss of income while your business is closed due to a covered loss. Coverage is available in various forms, including loss of earnings, loss of profits, extra expense to stay in business, and loss of rental income. 

Equipment Breakdown Insurance 

This coverage provides compensation in the event of breakdown of equipment or appliances, which is otherwise excluded under a commercial property policy. Covered equipment could include boilers, electrical panels, air conditioning systems, telephone systems, compressors, and transformers. A business interruption loss could also result from damage of such equipment. 

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Liability Insurance

No business policy is complete without some form of liability insurance. It’s understandable that any business may want to find cheap insurance options, but it’s unwise to cut corners when it comes to liability insurance. Liability insurance can protect you from the high cost of lawsuits and legal expenses. Liability insurance  has several types, including the following: 


Commercial General Liability 

This insurance provides coverage for bodily injury or property damage to third parties due to your business operations. This necessary coverage will protect you against legal liability and allow you to continue your business operations smoothly and with no interruptions.  

Professional Liability (Errors and Omissions) Insurance 

Professional liability is normally excluded under commercial general liability. Professional liability insurance, also known as errors and omissions insurance, provides coverage in case you are claimed to be liable for negligent acts performed in your capacity as a professional. 

Directors and Officers Insurance 

As a director or officer, being personally responsible for exercising good governance in company affairs creates a significant risk to your personal assets. Directors and officers insurance provides coverage for legal liability of directors and officers in corporates or non-profit organizations. 


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Commercial Auto Insurance

While not every business uses commercial vehicles, those that do must carry commercial auto insurance. As a business owner, your personal auto policies won’t do any good here. Whether you use a few sedans to do deliveries or you use dozens of trucks, this insurance is necessary. 

There are several types of auto insurance to ensure your vehicles and business are protected from all sides: 

Two architects examining the blueprints on construction site

Construction Insurance

Insurance is one of the most important assets for any successful contractor. In most cases, contractors are required to provide proof of liability insurance, and they also have assets, such as equipment, tools, and building materials, that need to be insured to avoid major financial setbacks. Contractors may also need insurance coverage for bid bonds and performance bonds, as well as coverage against environmental liability. 

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Why You Should Hire a McDougall Commercial Business Insurance Broker 

Having been successfully operating for well over 75 years, we can confidently assure you that each McDougall commercial business insurance broker is experienced, friendly, and ready to help you. We know you want affordable commercial business insurance, and our experts understand the difference between “affordable” and “cheap,” so we work hard to find you the right coverage that doesn’t nix on protection or break the bank. With reliable insurance protection, you can operate with peace of mind, whether your business is a retail store that sells merch or a massive warehouse handling heavy machinery.  

Get an online commercial business insurance quote in Ontario today with McDougall.  


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How much does commercial business insurance in Ontario cost? 

The cost of commercial insurance varies according to certain factors unique to each business. With so many different business insurance policies and different industries doing different things, it’s tough to put a single price tag on insurance. To get a better idea of what a certain type of business insurance would cost for your business, getting an online commercial business insurance quote will be of significant help. 

It’s important to note that the following factors may affect your business insurance pricing: 

  • Business experience (number of years you’ve been in business) 
  • Insurance history (claims, consistent coverage, etc.) 
  • Industry 
  • Location (postal code) 
  • Business property 
  • Risk of lawsuits in the industry 
  • Clients 
  • Quality of contracts 
  • Equipment, tools, machinery, etc. 
  • Commercial vehicles 
  • Coverage limits and types 

Work with an experienced Ontario commercial business insurance broker from McDougall to find quick, affordable, and, most importantly, reliable coverage today.  

How do I get the cheapest commercial business insurance in Ontario? 

Running a business can be expensive, particularly when you’re just starting out. There’s a lot of expenses, and it can be tough staying on top of it all with everything that you might be paying for already. Rent, employee wages, ongoing operational costs…and the list goes on. 

But “cheap” isn’t always better. Cheap can mean extremely limited coverage, which can leave you high and dry in the event of an unexpected loss. This means you’ll be paying each month for coverage that won’t do you any good. At McDougall, we want to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. We help you find the coverage that is both affordable and a good fit for your business, so that you’re covered if a loss ever does occur! 

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Shawna Huck

McDougall/ Bickerton Brokers never disappoints! Fast, efficient and friendly staff. I have been with Bickertons for over 10 years and wouldn’t dream of leaving to go else where. The staff puts the clients needs first and gets the job done right the first time. They are always a call away to help and make submitting a claim not stressful. Way to go staff at Bickertons! Thank you for all your hard work these last 10 years.

Todd Carrol

It’s not like calling an insurance company, almost like calling someone you’ve known for along time. My wife and I have always been taking care of the way we expect too be there. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending McDougall to anyone

Darby Flindall

Kristen Fletcher in the Brighton office has been super helpful and knowledgeable with all of my business insurance needs and questions over the past years since we switched to McDougall. She works hard to keep me at the best possible rate, and she is easily reached. I appreciate the help and that it is local, as it saves me time. The other staff in Brighton are also very nice and helpful as well!

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