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Cyber Insurance

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Ontario Cyber Insurance– Free Quote Online

Cyber insurance is one of the most talked about coverage’s in the commercial insurance space (and for good reason). Yet, very few people or companies know enough about it to actually act on it. Whether you’re a major company with a ton of employees and information or are just starting up, cyber or data breach insurance coverage is important. Big company’s and their breaches or hacks make the news and media but small businesses are affected all the time from cyber insurance threats. Having the right coverage and amount of cyber insurance in place is essential for any company who operates with client information or private data online. The internet does not rest, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 365 days a year your company is exposed to potential cyber insurance attacks. With the help of a McDougall Insurance specialists we can build a comprehensive cyber insurance product at a competitive rate, so you can feel comfort in knowing you are protected from those potential risks and keep your business operational.

Want a few tips on how you can help prevent a cyber insurance attack yourself? Head to our blog 5 ways to help prevent a cyber insurance attack.

Our Approach to Cyber Insurance

In light of the pandemic and more people working from home, McDougall Insurance would like to recommend every business and every individual take care with all of your email and website activity.

Cyber criminals are getting more and more advanced in how they try to trick us. If you receive emails requesting money, even from what appears to be a trusted source, always call to confirm.

Some IT experts would call this “multi-factor authentication”. We call it good old common sense! Also, if you receive requests for personal information of any kind (bank information, social security, drivers license number etc.) always call to verify. McDougall Insurance still believes in “Real People Working for You”, so if you ever call us to verify information, we will pick up the phone and talk to you.

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Cyber Insurance From Brokers You Can Depend On

When it comes to getting the help you need for cyber insurance in Ontario, look no further than the McDougall Insurance team. We have in house broker specialists along with Information Technology (IT) experts in house who can offer insight and aid to your business and your specific needs. This industry experience simply isn’t found with most brokers. And thanks to our size we have access to more cyber insurance markets than any other broker in Eastern Ontario. That means we can create a custom cyber insurance policy just right for your company at a competitive price.

You’ve worked hard to build your business and mitigate it from physical threats. Don’t let the threats you can’t see or fully understand take advantage of you and your business.

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What Can Happen From a Cyber Insurance Attack?

Company’s each and every day are becoming more and more vulnerable to cyber threats and hackers. As the hackers become more sophisticated it is important for our clients to ensure they have the proper protection. Just one hack or data breach can result in a tremendous amount of financial loss for a company resulting from:

  • Revenue Loss
  • Business Interruption
  • Legal Fees
  • Forensic Investigation

Don’t let a threat like this cripple your business, protect yourself by speaking with one of our cyber insurance specialists. You, your customers, your employees, and your company will be glad you did.

Does My Business Need Cyber Insurance?

You may not think your business is at risk of experiencing a cyber threat but in most cases you have an exposure. If you have a website you should have cyber insurance protection. If you have an e-commerce website you need a cyber insurance policy. If you store customer information electronically you should have cyber insurance. If you store customer information including payments or other personal information you need a cyber insurance policy. If you accept payments or pay your employees with direct deposit, you guessed it, you need a cyber insurance policy.

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Examples of Potential Data Breaches or Hacks

Example 1 – Stolen Laptop

Not all data breaches or hacks happen over the internet. Picture a situation where an employee is travelling with a company laptop and it is stolen from their vehicle. The laptop contained private information for your company’s clients. Their information is leaked or hacked into and your firm now has to announce the breach publicly. Those clients file lawsuits against your firm for failure to prevent unauthorized access to their information. That is going to cost you.

Example 2 – Deceptive Email

An employee receives an email to their work email address. They open the email without taking the proper precautions and open the link. Turns out the email was actually malware and they have just allowed the hacker to gain access to the company’s network. The hacker has access to confidential information including; passwords, credit card numbers, and customer information. You’re in trouble.

Example 3 – Infected File

You receive a document saying you need to upgrade your current software. A file is provided for you to download to get the new software. You download the file not knowing it is a virus. The virus stops your system from functioning and you lose out on revenue and operations until your system is restored.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Eric Irvine

Been dealing with McDougall/Brister Group Winchester for at least the past 5 years and the service has been excellent. Our broker William Barclay is very helpful and helped us save money with the best possible insurance quotes and goes above and beyond with his customer service!

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