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Renters Insurance Broker Ontario

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Tenant Insurance & Renters Insurance in Ontario – Free Quote Online

It’s estimated that almost one third of Ontarians rent their home, yet many do not carry Tenant or Renters insurance. You work hard to buy your belongings and at McDougall Insurance we firmly believe you should protect them. Let us help you protect your possessions so you can enjoy your rented home.

Tenant insurance for Ontario renters is purchased far less than it ought to be. It helps protect your possessions and the contents of your rental unit, and it also provides liability coverage. It’s a common misconception that your possessions won’t amount to much and therefore rental insurance isn’t worth the cost, but that’s not true! In fact, once you take the time to calculate the cost to replace everything you possess as it stands today, it becomes very clear that tenant insurance is a necessity. Having tenant insurance in Ontario is a great investment – it gives you reliable and comprehensive protection at an affordable price. Check our this comprehensive article about the importance of getting a tenant insurance.

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Ontario Renters Insurance Experience

With experience since 1964, at McDougall Insurance we know you should have tenants insurance in Ontario and we’ve helped thousands protect themselves and their property from danger. We have the industry knowledge and expertise to guide you through the renters insurance coverage ensuring everything you care about is protected. Our experienced and friendly renters insurance brokers and staff are always available, whether it’s a claim situation or just questions about your policy, it’s our commitment to be there for you. Let our home insurance brokers in Ontario help you!.

McDougall Insurance Services is the go-to for many renters and tenants in the province of Ontario when it comes to quality insurance. We go beyond simply providing you insurance products and help you every step of the way so that you are never alone. Contact one of our team members for more assistance or get one of our free tenant insurance quotes. Ontario renters trust in us for good reason. They find peace of mind with Insurance.

You can also buy renters insurance online in just a few minutes. Simply complete the quoting process, select the option you want, put in your payment info, and you’ll receive your policy documents over e-mail in a few minutes!  

Tenant Insurance Quote

McDougall Online Tenants Insurance Policy Gets Setup in Minutes!

As a longstanding Ontario brokerage, McDougall Insurance strives to provide the best possible service to our clients, which is why we have created an online tenants policy. Your time, money and protection are important. Our new online process is affordable, quick and easy. Not to mention you are in complete control! Need help figuring out what coverage you might need? Contact one of our McDougall Insurance brokers, our team will be happy to assist and answer any questions you may have!

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you don’t need renters insurance in Ontario. Get a renters insurance policy online in minutes to help protect you and your property from damage. Enter your information, a few simple questions about your address and building and then customize the coverage you want. That’s it! Enter your payment information and a policy will be emailed to you instantly.

What to Know about Renters Insurance in Ontario

While unlike owning a home, if you rent a home your landlord’s policy will protect the physical aspects of the building if damage occurs. However, the landlord’s insurance policy will not protect you from anything further which is why renters insurance is needed. Renters Insurance will cover your personal belongings in the building, liability lawsuits and additional living expenses in the case your home is uninhabitable. For very little cost a renters insurance policy can save you major headaches and is always recommended by us at McDougall Insurance. Read more about The Difference Between Renter’s and Homeowner’s Insurance.

It doesn’t matter whether you are renting a home in the suburbs, a fancy condo deep downtown, or even just a small flat near work – you probably need renters insurance. Ontario renters may automatically assume that their landlord’s insurance will protect them if something goes awry, but that isn’t always the case. Take, for instance, a scenario where you were cooking alone in your apartment late one night, and a fire broke out that ended up damaging not only your unit but the one beside you as well. You might be held liable for any damages caused.

Furthermore, if you were to have guests over and someone was to be injured on your property, you would be deemed the one financially responsible. What if internal issues in your building caused damages to your contents – including high-value contents, like your personal electronics? What then?

These costs can add up tremendously. It doesn’t matter whether the damage you cause or the injuries you are held responsible for are intentional or not – you will have to foot these kinds of bills on your own. When you have renters insurance in Ontario you may receive some of the following benefits:

  • Assistance in covering both you and your family in the event that a third-party should take legal action against you. You may receive help for any costs relating to legal defenses, compensation fees, etc.
  • Assistance in repairing or replacing your personal belongings following an event where your things were damaged or completely destroyed. You may be covered if the event was listed in your policy, including such things as fire, water damage or theft.
  • Assistance if you were forced to temporarily evacuate from your apartment, home or condo due to a covered loss or event. This help might be in the form of help covering additional living expenses, food and bills.

Every policy for renters insurance in Ontario is different, so be mindful of what you are covered for or consult with one of McDougall’s tenant insurance brokers in Ontario for more assistance. They can sit down with you to go over your policy’s fine print and lay out for you what is covered. They can also provide advice as to what coverage you may want to include and what may not be necessary for your particular circumstances.

Start by obtaining an online renters insurance quote today. 

Renter Insurance Quote


On average, how much does tenant insurance in Ontario cost? 

If you are reluctant to purchase tenant insurance in Ontario due to cost concerns, we have great news! Tenant insurance in Ontario is probably one of the least expensive insurance policies out there. It definitely costs less than home and auto insurance, because it’s not actually providing any coverage for the physical unit you live in. 

Let’s put it this way. If you buy a $5 cup of coffee three days a week, that’s $15/week and about $60/month. In comparison, the cost of tenant insurance can start at as little as $25/month. And, unlike coffee, tenant insurance in Ontario can save you from losing all that you own or facing a costly lawsuit! If you buy renters insurance, you’ll be getting reliable protection for a very small amount. Get a quote for renters insurance online now to see your estimated monthly rate. 

What does apartment insurance in Ontario cover? 

Apartment insurance, which is another term for renters insurance, is designed to cover your personal property and additional living expenses you may require if you are forced to evacuate your unit temporarily. It also protects you against liability. Your landlord may require you to carry apartment insurance in Ontario within a clause in the lease; however, apartment insurance is not mandated by provincial law. That being said, apartment insurance in Ontario is often glanced over although it provides necessary protection. 

Should a renter pay for home insurance? 

Technically, rental insurance is a type of home insurance, but it operates under the assumption that you don’t actually own the place where you live. You rent the unit; therefore, the landlord (who owns the property) has their own master policy that protects the physical location and covers them against liability. Your rental insurance covers you against liability and protects your possessions, but nothing original to the unit. Home insurance, on the other hand, covers the home itself, your personal property, and home contents, and provides liability coverage. 

By getting a few free renters insurance quotes from McDougall, you’ll see just how affordable renters insurance can actually be! It’s much cheaper than home insurance, and getting it is now easier than ever with McDougall. 

How can I get the cheapest renters insurance in Ontario? 

This may be a controversial opinion, but insurance shouldn’t be “cheap.” Getting the cheapest renters insurance in Ontario is an impossible and highly risky endeavour, since cheap often equates to cutting corners, and we want to ensure the protection you get is right for you. To get the best renters insurance in Ontario, work with a McDougall insurance broker. We’ll help you find protection that’s affordable without skimping out on the protection you need. When it comes to cheap tenant insurance in Ontario, you’d be better off without coverage at all, since you’ll find that coverage from vendors who market their protection as “cheap” is often extremely limited.  

Is tenants insurance mandatory in Ontario? 

Technically, no, the province of Ontario does not require renters to purchase apartment insurance, also known as rental insurance, in Ontario. However, landlords can ask you to provide proof that you have purchased renters insurance through a clause in the lease.  

That doesn’t mean you should be opting for the cheapest tenant insurance in Ontario just to have some kind of coverage. Don’t worry, rental insurance or apartment insurance in Ontario is often affordable enough, and getting comprehensive coverage with a budget is possible! 

How do I get an online renters insurance quote? 

It’s easy. Simply click on the “get a quote” button and fill out the form. If you like what you see, you can buy renters insurance online in only a few clicks. Just select your preferred coverage option, and once you’ve entered your payment information, you’ll receive an e-mail right away. 

Is getting tenant insurance in Ontario worth it? 

Yes, 100%. Not only will your landlord likely ask you to purchase tenant insurance, but the cost for tenant insurance is a small price to pay for peace of mind. You don’t have to worry about what could happen – you’ll be covered against common risks that could damage or destroy your valuable belongings. What makes renters insurance such a good investment is that it protects you from what could very well become a major financial setback, letting you bounce back quickly from any accidents or events that could affect your daily life. 

What Our Customers Are Saying

Eric Irvine

Been dealing with McDougall/Brister Group Winchester for at least the past 5 years and the service has been excellent. Our broker William Barclay is very helpful and helped us save money with the best possible insurance quotes and goes above and beyond with his customer service!

Eric Irvine

Been dealing with McDougall/Brister Group Winchester for at least the past 5 years and the service has been excellent. Our broker William Barclay is very helpful and helped us save money with the best possible insurance quotes and goes above and beyond with his customer service!

Eric Irvine

Been dealing with McDougall/Brister Group Winchester for at least the past 5 years and the service has been excellent. Our broker William Barclay is very helpful and helped us save money with the best possible insurance quotes and goes above and beyond with his customer service!

Eric Irvine

Been dealing with McDougall/Brister Group Winchester for at least the past 5 years and the service has been excellent. Our broker William Barclay is very helpful and helped us save money with the best possible insurance quotes and goes above and beyond with his customer service!

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