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Home Insurance Ontario

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Property & Home Insurance Ontario Free Quotes

Your home is the greatest investment you will ever make in your lifetime. It’s where you feel safe, where you’ll raise your children, and where countless memories will be made. At McDougall Insurance, we want to be there for you when the unexpected happens, to protect you, your property, your home, and those cherished memories. We want you to have peace of mind when in your home, knowing you’re covered with the best available home insurance in Ontario, No matter what challenges you face, rest assured that we’ve got your back with the best home insurance brokers in Ontario.


Home insurance is simply one of the best decisions you’ll ever make, giving you peace of mind in case of an unfortunate event. An Ontario home insurance policy can vary significantly, and, consequently, so can the premiums you pay. The homeowner, the age of the home, the location of the home, and other factors affect how much coverage is available and for what price. As a premier brokerage in Ontario, it’s our job to get you all of the coverage that you need for the most affordable price.

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McDougall’s Home Insurance Ontario

As one of the largest brokerages in Eastern Ontario and one of the best Home Insurance Brokers, McDougall Insurance has protected the homes of countless Ontarians. From devastating fires to small wind damages, McDougall Insurance has seen it all, giving us the knowledge and experience that you can trust to deliver on your Ontario home insurance needs. Our highly trained and professional homeowners insurance brokers and staff will work closely with you to develop a personalized and concrete insurance package to protect everything that means the most to you.

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Products: Home Insurance in Ontario

How Does Home Insurance in Ontario Work?

A component of your home insurance policy is property insurance, which covers your dwelling as well as the contents inside (electronics, jewelry, carpets, etc.). You also get liability protection against a third party suing you after they’re injured or have their property damaged while in your home.

Insurance typically covers the main structure of your home up to its replacement cost. This means that your insurance policy will cover the cost of rebuilding your home if it is damaged by fire or other natural disasters.

Checkout some Tips To protect your home from fires. It’s important to remember, however, that replacement value does not refer to the home’s resale price. It only covers the labor and materials required to rebuild your home. Coverage would also apply to detached structures such as sheds, decks, or gazebos. Read more on Why You Should Get Homeowners Builders Risk Insurance.

House insurance in Ontario covers more than just the house itself. It also protects the value of your home’s contents. You should keep a list of all your valuables. This inventory should include all relevant documentation (photos, receipts, etc.). It should be stored in a safe place to prevent it from being lost or damaged.

It’s easier to find the right Property insurance in Ontario if you have a list of the things that you need to cover. Our Home Insurance Brokers can help you determine the right value and add-ons for jewelry and other valuable items. Contact us now and get an Online Home Insurance Quotes

If you’re not an Ontario resident and want to learn more about Alberta home insurance, we recommend checking with Sharp Insurance, a leading home insurance broker in Calgary.


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Home Insurance Ontario: Coverage Types

There are many home insurance policies in Ontario available from insurance companies that cover different types of risks and damage.

Home insurance in Ontario varies from one provider to another, so it is a smart idea to shop around for the best home insurance that suits your needs and budget.

Comprehensive Home Insurance

Comprehensive home insurance policies provide the best coverage. This policy protects your home against most risks except those listed in the exclusions. It’s also known as an all-perils or special policy.

For example, if your comprehensive policy excludes flooding, sewer backup, and earthquakes, this means that you won’t be covered for these risks and the damage they cause for you home.

Standard Home Insurance

Standard home insurance policies provide less coverage than comprehensive policies. A standard policy only covers your home against risks that are explicitly listed in your policy. It’s also known as a named perils or basic policy.

Let’s say, for example, if your standard policy covers fire, your standard Ontario home insurance will protect you against fire damage. Your standard policy does not cover flooding, sewer backup, and earthquakes.

Broad Home Insurance

Broad policies provide coverage that is comparable to standard and comprehensive policies. A broad policy is also known as a broad-form or general policy.

A broad policy covers your home for common risks except those listed as exclusions. In this sense, it is similar to a comprehensive policy, but it doesn’t cover all risks.

No-Frills Home Insurance

This policy offers the least protection because it is offered to homeowners who don’t meet some standard underwriting criteria. This policy typically will not include many standard home insurance coverages in Ontario.


Find out which coverage type is the best option for you when you apply for a Home Insurance Quote Online from McDougall!

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Home Insurance Ontario: Coverage Options

Each home insurance policy is different according to the house and its owner, and therefore, there is a wide range of coverage options, whether it’s the standard coverage options concerning the property itself and liability insurance or additional optional coverage and endorsements.

Here is a breakdown of all the coverage options you can include in your Ontario home insurance policy:

Property insurance

The home

This policy covers the physical home itself in Ontario as well as any attached structures, such as a garage, against common risks, like fire. The amount of property insurance coverage usually equals the cost to replace your home.

Detached private structures

You are covered for damage to any privately-owned structures that you have on your premises. This includes things like a tool shed or a pool house.

Personal property

Personal property and contents such as clothing, appliances, furniture, and electronics are all included under this coverage. Extra coverage may be required for jewelry, artwork, and other special items.

Additional living expenses

This coverage provides you with the funds to pay for the cost of temporarily living away from your home due to a covered loss.

Readmore: Keep Your Home Insurance Current on Vacation

Liability insurance

Liability insurance in Ontario covers you financially in the event that you are held liable for a third party’s injuries or damage to their property that occurred on the premises of your home

If someone slips and falls on your driveway, for example, your home insurance policy will cover your legal costs if they file a claim.

Costs can quickly mount up when things go wrong. While it is recommended that you have at least $1 million of third-party liability coverage in your Ontario home insurance policy for maximum protection, there are limits as high as $5 million. Count on our home insurance brokers in Ontario to secure the most suitable liability coverage for your home insurance needs.


Contents Insurance

Contents insurance protects you financially in the event of damage to items you keep within your home.

Your home is more than just four walls and a roof. It’s also where you store all your stuff. Contents insurance covers the cost of replacing your belongings in the event they are lost, damaged, or destroyed.

The coverage protects important elements of your home, like furniture and appliances, as well as personal items, like clothing and electronics.

In case your home is destroyed by fire, you need sufficient contents coverage. This covers all appliances, furniture, electronics, and clothing.

You can either insure contents for their actual cash worth (the price you would sell them for) or their replacement value. Actual cash value (ACV) coverage for your contents takes into consideration depreciation.

To learn more about these coverage options, reach out to one of our professional home insurance brokers in Ontario.

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Add-ons & endorsements

Home-based business insurance

Do you run a business from your home? Be sure to inform your home insurance broker in Ontario ahead of time – most standard home insurance policies won’t cover commercial activities, and your insurer could even immediately cancel your coverage if you don’t inform them.

If your business is small, you can purchase a home-based business insurance endorsement as an extension of your standard home policy. This added coverage considers the unique risks of running a business.

It can be used to protect your office equipment, cover client liability claims, or even provide you with income replacement during a business interruption.

On the other hand, if you own a larger business, you may need to purchase a standalone business insurance policy instead. In this case we recommend you to contact with our Business Insurance Brokers in Ontario

Overland Water Home Insurance Coverage

The overland water endorsement in your Ontario home insurance policy provides protection against rising rivers, streams, and other bodies of water that could overflow onto dry ground, causing damage to your house.

This endorsement can protect you from heavy rain and snow accumulation and eventual thaw around your property. These water sources can enter your home through cracks, windows, and doors, causing significant damage.



Sewer Backup Insurance

Sewer backup occurs when wastewater returns to your home from the main sewer lines. Most insurance companies offer standard policies that include coverage for a burst pipe but not for sewer backup. A home insurance broker in Ontario will always recommend sewer backup coverage, and most providers charge an additional cost for this service.


Earthquake Insurance

Most home insurance policies do not include earthquake insurance. If you live in a Canadian earthquake zone like BC, Ottawa, Montreal, or Quebec, consider adding earthquake coverage to your home insurance policy.

If you reside in Ottawa, it’s imperative check with Ottawa insurance brokers to discover affordable Ottawa home insurance options tailored to your needs.

Earthquake insurance covers more than just seismic activity cracking your foundation or causing damage to your home’s contents – it also provides coverage for fires resulting from broken gas pipes due to an earthquake.

This coverage can also include landslides or liquefaction, which could lead to your home sinking into a hole or other serious foundation problems.

Additional living expenses may be available to help you live in another place while your home is being repaired after an earthquake.


Check Out 10 surprising things that are covered by home insurance

Find out what else you can include in your home insurance quote in Ontario with the help of our expert brokers!

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What Is Not Covered in Home Insurance Ontario



Water damage beyond a burst pipe

You’re safe if a pipe bursts during winter due to freezing. A special add-on is required for sewer backups or rising lakes.

General wear and tear

Home insurance is not a maintenance plan. Your insurer will not pay for a roof that leaks because of old age. Read more about insurance for Older Homes

Damage from rodents, termites, and insects

Termites can cause severe structural damage to your home. You could end up paying a large bill if you aren’t aware of termites and don’t hire professionals.

Some valuable items

There are usually limits on coverage if you have expensive art or jewelry. If you want more coverage, ask our home insurance brokers in Ontario for more options.

Factors that affect home insurance costs in Ontario



Your Home Location

The location of your home can greatly affect your insurance premiums in Ontario. If you live in an area prone to natural disasters like floods or earthquakes, you may face higher insurance costs. Similarly, if you live in an urban area with a higher crime rate, your premiums may also be higher due to the increased risk of theft and vandalism.

Building materials and construction style

The type of building materials used in your home, as well as its construction style, can also impact your insurance costs in Ontario.

For example, a brick house may be more resistant to fire damage than a wooden house and therefore could have lower premiums. Similarly, homes with updated and modern construction techniques may also be considered less risky to insure. You may also want to learn more about Builder Risk insurance in Ontario.


Age and condition of the home

Older homes may have outdated electrical or plumbing systems, which could increase the risk of fire or water damage. As a result, insurance premiums for older homes may be higher. You may need to get a specific Home insurance for older homes. Additionally, if your home is in poor condition and requires significant repairs, this could also lead to higher insurance costs. Inquire with our home insurance brokers in Ontario about your specific situation.



Your claims history

If you have a history of making frequent claims on your home insurance, this could result in higher premiums. Insurance companies may view you as a higher-risk client and increase your rates accordingly.

Readmore: How it works: Insurance Claim

Security features

Having security measures in place, such as a burglar alarm or deadbolts on your doors, can potentially lower your insurance costs. These features may reduce the risk of theft and vandalism, making your home less expensive to insure.

Your credit score

In some cases, your credit score may also impact your Ontario home insurance costs. Insurance companies may view individuals with a higher credit score as more financially responsible and therefore less likely to file a claim.

Secure your home insurance in Ontario with McDougall.

With over 70 years of Ontario brokerage experience, at McDougall Insurance it’s our promise to use our knowledge and established relationships to provide you with the right advice to get you the best coverage for the best price. We pride ourselves on the abilities of our home insurance brokers and staff and are always committed to being there for you when you need it most. Your home is everything, so contact us at McDougall Insurance to help you keep it that way. We’ll handle your insurance needs and provide you with various Ontario home insurance quotes you can compare while you enjoy the warmth and comfort of your home. You can request a free online home insurance quote here.

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FAQ’s: Home Insurance Ontario

Home insurance, unlike auto insurance, is not required by law. However, most mortgage lenders will require you have valid insurance before committing to a mortgage.

Learn more: Understanding home insurance

Home insurance in Ontario costs an average of $960 per year, but the cost can vary depending on your individual situation. Make sure you compare home insurance quotes to help you save a lot of money each year!

Ask one of our home insurance brokers in Ontario for advice to avoid being underinsured or overpaying for insurance coverage you don’t need.

Readmore: How can I reduce my home insurance premiums?

Insurance companies often require homeowners to buy replacement cost coverage that is at least 80% of the replacement cost. This rule guarantees you are not underinsured and that you can rebuild your home after a loss without suffering severe financial setbacks.

As a professional home insurance broker in Ontario, we’d like to offer some valuable insights on how to navigate the process of obtaining property insurance effectively:


Consult with an Home Insurance Broker

Collaborating with an insurance professional, such as a licensed home insurance broker, is a smart move. They have in-depth knowledge of the insurance market and can guide you through the selection process. By understanding your specific needs and the unique aspects of your property, they can recommend the most suitable coverage options.


Customized Home Coverage

Home insurance isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Your insurance broker in Ontario will help tailor the policy to match your requirements, taking into consideration factors like the location of your property, the type of dwelling, its value, and potential risks. This ensures that you’re not over-insured or under-insured.


Comprehensive Understanding

Before finalizing your insurance policy, it’s crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of what’s covered. Your home insurance broker will walk you through the policy, explaining the extent of coverage for your dwelling, personal belongings, and any additional structures on your property. This transparency ensures you know what to expect in the event of a claim.


Policy Obligations

Equally important is understanding your policy obligations. Your home insurance broker will outline the responsibilities you have as a policyholder, such as maintaining the property in good condition, adhering to safety measures, and promptly reporting any changes or incidents that might affect your coverage.


In Ontario, where home insurance needs can vary significantly based on factors like location and property type, working closely with an insurance professional ensures that you make informed decisions and have the peace of mind that your property is well-protected.

Insurance brokers can assist in buying insurance policies. Insurance agents represent insurers who employ these and assist in selling policies by the company. Insurance broker companies represent customers and can assist in purchasing policy options from different insurance providers.

There are a few ways to potentially save money on your home insurance premium:

Increase your deductible: A higher deductible means you’ll pay more out of pocket in the event of a claim, but it also means that your insurance company will have to pay less. This can often result in lower premiums.

Bundle your policies: Many insurers offer discounts if you bundle multiple policies with them, such as home and car insurance. You could also save on auto insurance when you buy insurance for multiple cars from the same insurer.

Install safety features: By installing safety features like smoke detectors, burglar alarms, and deadbolts, you may be eligible for discounts on your premium.

Shop around: Don’t settle for the first quote you receive. Compare quotes from multiple insurers to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

Bundling your home and car insurance policies can often lead to lower premiums and potential discounts from insurers. However, it may not directly affect the broker fees you pay. Broker fees are typically a percentage of the total premium, so even if bundling results in savings on your premium, the percentage for broker fees will remain the same. It’s always best to discuss any potential impacts on broker fees with your home and car insurance broker directly.

You can obtain home insurance through various channels:

Home Insurance Brokers

These experts provide personalized guidance and access to multiple insurers, assisting you in finding the ideal coverage. If you’re in Ontario, McDougall is a top choice, being one of the largest brokers in the province.

Directly from Home Insurance Companies

Visit insurance company websites or call their customer service for home insurance quotes and direct purchases.

Comparison Insurance Websites

Online platforms allow you to compare quotes from different insurers

Home Insurance Agents

If you prefer a specific company, contact their agents for information and policy purchase.

Financial Institutions

Some banks and credit unions offer home insurance to their customers.

Ensure you compare your options to secure the right coverage. Alternatively, consult with our home insurance brokers in Ontario for expert guidance.

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