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Dear Customer,

Welcome to the McDougall Insurance Group of insurance brokerages, and thank you for choosing us for your insurance needs. We appreciate your business and will do our utmost to maintain your confidence.

We are taking this opportunity to tell you about our brokerage and how we have changed over the years. McDougall Insurance was started in Belleville in 1946 and has been serving the insurance needs of Eastern Ontario and the Ottawa Valley for over 70 years. Since our beginnings in Belleville, we have expanded to 32 offices spread throughout Eastern Ontario and the Ottawa Valley, with over 330 employees dedicated to providing you with professional advice on your insurance needs. We will provide you with the strength of a large regional insurance brokerage in a community setting where you live and work.

We are a full service brokerage offering general insurance for houses, cars, businesses and institutions, as well as providing financial services including life insurance, employee benefit programs, disability insurance, pension plans  and R.R.S.P’s. We operate under several names in different areas of the Province and have provided a list of those names above.

As an insurance broker; we serve as an intermediary between you and the insurance companies which we represent. We help to place your insurance with an insurer that is reliable, best suits your needs and provides a competitive price. In addition to solving problems which may arise and providing you with professional insurance advice, we are dedicated to obtaining fair treatment for you in the event of a claim.

In return for these services, we are paid a commission by the insurance company based on your premiums. These commissions vary from company to company and also on the type of policy that is being written. The list below shows the companies that we represent and the range of commission we earn when placing your insurance policy with them.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Insurance CompanyCommission RangeCommission RangeCommission Range
*Aviva Insurance Co.7 – 17.5 %15 – 24%7 – 20%
*Intact Insurance Co.  10 – 12.5%20%10 – 20%
*Commonwell Mutual  Insurance Co. 7.5 – 12.5%15 – 25%7.5 – 27.5%
*The Economical Insurance Group of Companies7.5 – 12.5%20%7.5 – 25%
*Travelers Insurance Co.7.5 – 12.5%20%7.5 – 25%
*Wawanesa Ins. Co.7.5 – 12.5%20%7.5 – 20%
*Bay of Quinte Mutualn/a17 – 27%20%
* Heartland Mutual10 – 12.5%21%10 – 21%
*Royal & Sun Alliance7.5 – 12.5%20%7.5 – 20%
*Northbridge Insurance7.5 – 12.5%20%7.5 – 20%
*Western Assurance 10 – 15%20 – 22%n/a
*Chieftain Insurance Co. 10 – 12.5 %20%n/a
*Echelon Ins. Co12.5 – 13.5 %n/a15 – 25%
*Pembridge Ins. Co10-12.5%20%n/a
AIG Insurance Co.n/an/a7.5 – 20%
Facility Ins. Co. (Royal)7.5 – 11%– max. $250n/a6 – 10%
*Unica Insurance Co.12.5%15 – 20%20 %
*Gore Mutual  Ins. Co7.5 – 12.5%20%7.5 – 25%
*Zurich Ins. Con/an/a7.5 – 20%
*Jevco Insurance Co.12.5%17.5 – 20%12.5 – 20%
Chubb Insurance Co.12.5%17.5%-20%12.5 – 20%
Guarantee of N.A. Ins. Co7.5%-12.5%20%12.5 – 20%
Grenville Mutual    
Optimum Insurance 12.5%20% 
SGI/Coachman Insurance10-12.5%20% 
Trisura Guarantee Ins. Co.                                                                                                       20 – 27%
*Lloyds  22.5 – 25%
*Wynward Insurance Company  15 – 20%


These commissions are paid annually for both new business and renewals. In addition to the commission we receive for placing insurance with these companies, we may also receive a “Contingent Commission”. Those companies marked with an asterisk (*) may pay us a contingent commission. This is payable on a book of business that is placed with an insurance company if this book is profitable for the insurance company. This contingent commission is not guaranteed and cannot be predicted in advance. Over the past five years, we have averaged less than 2% per year in Contingent Commission.

On occasion we have the need to place coverage with Wholesale Insurance Brokerages, who have access to products and insurance companies that we do not represent.   Upon request we can provide you with the commission we receive from these companies

We also have received financial assistance from insurance companies over the years to help us achieve certain goals. Currently, Economical Mutual Insurance  Co. has a minority equity position in our brokerage and has loaned us money to purchase insurance brokerages in Eastern Ontario.

We want you to know that we are proud of our independence, financial stability and that you will be able to count on us to be there for you in your time of financial need. We will work every day to demonstrate our level of commitment to you our valued customer.


Ross McDougall


COVID-19 Update

Our offices are open to the public.

We are doing our utmost to protect our customers and our staff and following the Province wide lockdown protocols.

Business can still be conducted online, through email or over the phone. For a list of staff emails go to: Staff Profiles