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Waste Management Insurance

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Ontario Waste Management Insurance –  Free Quote Online

Running a business can be a complex endeavor, and if waste management is something you deal with then you have a lot to worry about. Whether it’s residential, commercial or industrial waste management, your company is exposed to a high volume of risks that other businesses don’t have to deal with. These risks can pose a serious threat to your business, hampering operations or stopping them all together. As a professional it would be prudent to properly protect yourself from these risks and you would expect nothing but professional service. At McDougall Insurance, we have the industry knowledge and expertise to provide you with the professional insurance advice that you need and deserve. Allow us to identify the necessary coverage needed for your operations, we offer multiple types of waste management insurance policies customized for your specific business.

What is Waste Management Insurance?

Waste Management Insurance is designed to protect you and your company from risks while you are performing your daily business operations. Since many businesses are different with how they operate and the services they provide, waste management includes many different possible coverages. However, the most common coverages obtained by companies include:

  1. Commercial Property Insurance – This coverage was designed to protect your plant, workshop or sales shop from potential damage.
  2. Commercial General Liability Insurance – This coverage will protect you from potential legal action if anyone is injured or hurt while on a premise owned by you.
  3. Business Vehicle Liability/Feet Insurance – This coverage is designed to protect your waste management vehicles while they are out on the roads.
  4. Environmental Liability Insurance – This coverage is designed to protect you and your company if the environment is damaged as a result of your business operations.

Other coverages like business interruption and errors and omissions can also be placed if you decide it necessary.

Speaking with a professional broker is the best way to decide on what coverages your business should have to protect itself. Learn more about waste disposal Insurance, waste disposal insurance provides coverage for those businesses involved with the management of waste.

Low angle rear view of young male worker in helmet, pollution mask, and reflective clothing observing waste falling from conveyor belt onto pile at facility.

Who Needs Waste Management Insurance?

There are many professional businesses in Ontario that work with or around waste where it would be prudent of them to carry waste management insurance, or waste disposal insurance. Some of these businesses include:

  • Industrial Waste Disposal/Hauling services
  • Recycling Operations
  • Waste Transferring services
  • Septic Tank contractor and pumping services
  • Private refuse disposal companies
  • Bin Rental Contractors
  • Portable Restroom Companies
  • Document Shredding companies (confidential information)
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Why McDougall Insurance?

McDougall Insurance prides itself on being a longstanding Ontario brokerage since 1946. With over 70 years of commercial specialization and expertise, our brokers have gained the necessary industry knowledge to ensure you receive the most professional insurance consulting for your businesses needs. As a brokerage we act on your behalf to find the best insurance company to provide you with the most flexible insurance packages for the best price. At McDougall insurance, you’ll have access to exclusive specialty waste management insurance to provide you with additional coverages, cheaper premiums and better cost efficiencies not available anywhere else. We are always on your side, providing you advice for insurance, tips for damage prevention and top notch service when you have a claim.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Cynthia Top

The great people at McDougall insurance are the best in the business!! Tammy is awesome!!

Todd Carrol

It’s not like calling an insurance company, almost like calling someone you’ve known for along time.My wife and I have always been taking care of the way we expect too be there. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending McDougall to anyone

Jillian De Souza

Since switching to McDougall we’ve been dealing with our new broker Scott De Kuyper who not only is well informed but also makes us feel comfortable and helps us to better understand what we are buying. We recommend Scott to all our friends and family!

Zach Fradette

Very good at addressing my needs as a client and getting the most comprehensive coverage for my price range. Have multiple properties and vehicles with McDougall and am happy with all of them.

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