Forget diamonds, there’s no denying a dog is a girl’s best friend! They never complain, don’t talk back, and will never hog the covers. But what if Lucky or Boots gets sick? Would you put your best friend down if they were sick? I’d hope not!

dog lying on the couch with young girl

For all pet owners out there, we know there is nothing worse than having your furry family member diagnosed with an illness that costs an incredible amount to treat. The solution to this is: Pet Secure health insurance. With this pet insurance coverage, you are able to live worry free that if your pet is diagnosed with an illness, your insurance will cover the expenses for treatment.

How much coverage does my pet have on my standard policy?

In a standard policy, RIBO states “Up to $500 in all on animals, birds, or fish but only if the loss or damage is caused by a Specified Peril or other than impact by aircraft or land vehicle.”  In other words, if your dog is hit by a car, or requires more than $500 worth of healthcare treatment, a standard insurance policy will not cover this.

What is pet insurance?family with dog

As many pet owners know, vet bills can be expensive. New innovations in veterinary technology mean Canadian pets have access to state-of-the-art care, but the cost of that care continues to increase. Pet insurance takes the worry out of taking your dog or cat to the vet by removing financial concerns in crucial times. With Petsecure, you’ ll have peace of mind that your dog or cat can receive the top-notch care they deserve, without putting your family’s finances in jeopardy. Pet secure offers a wide range of coverage from Accidents, Illness to Dental.

What health coverage is included in pet insurance?Pug wrapped in a blanket

The pet-secure pet insurance covers diagnostics, x-rays, hospitalization, surgery, medication, boarding and kennel fees, lost pet advertising, holiday cancellation, cremation/burial costs, behavioral therapy, acupuncture and massage. There is also a Wellness Plus package that covers Annual exam vaccinations, Heartworm testing, fecal exam and deworming, annual routine Wellness Urinalysis and Routine blood checkups. It has it all!

Does my dog need pet insurance?

If your pet has a history of disease, is prone to injury, or is getting old, this pet secure coverage may be a smart investment for you. Since only up to $500 on animals is covered, many of your treatment bills will likely exceed this budget and will cost you more than you think.

Fun fact: What is patellar Luxation? Could my dog have it?

A “luxated patella” occurs when a kneecap dislocates i.e. slips out of place. It is a common problem among small breeds of dog, such as Pomeranians, poodles, and Yorkshire terriers. In fact, one study showed that dogs that weigh less than 9 kg are twelve times more likely to be affected than larger dogs. Both hind legs may be affected in many dogs. In mild cases, medical or surgical treatment is usually not required. However, more severe cases may require surgical correction of the deformities. There are several techniques currently available and the prognosis for recovery is good if the joints are not too badly damaged.

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