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Insurance Quotes Crysler | Brister Group a Division of McDougall Insurance

McDougall Insurance & Financial merged with Brister Group in 2015. Thanks to the merger the Crysler office of Brister Insurance is now a part of McDougall Insurance. This means good things for both McDougall Insurance & Financial as Crysler adds another great location to our now 29 offices spread out across Eastern Ontario, and it means Brister Insurance clients now have access to more markets than ever before. That means markets with more affordable insurance premiums, better coverage, amazing claim support and so in. Our experts in Crysler are able to bring these insurance offerings to you, to find you coverage you can be happy about.

Crysler Car Insurance

Crysler is one of more Eastern office locations located just off the 417. As a result many inhabitants of the Crysler area commute to work in Ottawa or the surrounding areas. When it comes to finding car insurance some companies penalizes drivers for long commutes to work. At McDougall Insurance Crysler we have several markets who offer car insurance discounts for longer commutes. Not someone who frequently commutes or only use a vehicle for pleasure? We have you covered as well. We have young driver discounts, experienced driver discounts, and so much more. Talk to one of our Crysler Insurance Brokers today and start saving!

Crysler Home Insurance

The small town connected feel of Crysler means great things when it comes to finding home insurance. As one of the communities making up North Stormont, Crysler is surrounded by similar communities who share the small town feel. These communities have historically yielded very low claim rates. What does this mean for you? Home insurance rates that are lower than the standard rates in Ontario and that means extra money in your pocket. Not to mention bundling your home and auto insurance can mean additional savings for you. Let one of our Crysler Insurance Brokers walk you through a comprehensive home insurance policy to find you the coverage you need at a price that you can feel good about!

Crysler Business Insurance

Because of its size, Crysler does not have the same industrial feel of some of the larger neighbouring cities. However, that is not to say that business insurance in Crysler is not important. The small businesses that make up the core of Crysler are just as valued and finding the proper insurance for these businesses is what we are here for. Our Brokers have access to more commercial insurance markets than any other broker in Ontario. No matter your business venture give us a try and let one of our experts work with you to create a policy that covers you and your business.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Trevor Nugent
Great client service and friendly staff who are always happy to answer any and all questions related to my coverage. McDougall provide detailed information in a timely manner that outshines all the rest. A+
Janna Stucki
Great service, excellent staff! Everyone is very friendly and helpful at McDougall Insurance.
Rebecca John
McDougall Insurance has been the insurance brokerage I’ve dealt with since I started buying insurance policies in 2007. I have been extremely happy with the service provided by McDougall and their staff.


Recreational Insurance

Your toys need protection too! Boats, motorcycles, ATV, snowmobiles, RVs, you name it we've got it covered. Plus bundle your toys with your home or auto policy and truly experience what it means to be Frugal!

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