One of McDougall Insurance’s most experienced producers, Janice sits down with us to talk about life and insurance, but not life-insurance.

Janice Paton is one of those people you just enjoy listening to. Her calm and even voice is relaxing, as she answers question after question in her office, her experience with insurance paying off as she seems to never be surprised or caught off guard. Having worked in the industry for roughly four decades, Janice was helping clients with their insurance in Belleville¬† since before I was born, and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Check out her profile, and send her an email at!


Janice Paton

City of Birth:

Born in Belleville, Ontario, and has lived there nearly all her life. Had a brief stint in Ottawa, but returned to Belleville after meeting her husband.


Janice enjoys reading a good book, as well as going for relaxing walks. She also loves visiting her grandchildren – she has two currently with a third on the way. Janice loves being a grandmother, as she feels she gets to support her own children through parenting, while still experiencing the joy of watching a child grow.

Favourite Saying:

“This too, shall pass.”

Favourite Food:

Was hard for her to choose, but for the summertime: nothing beats ice cream.

One thing people should know about her:

How important honesty is to Janice. People are often prejudiced against the honesty of insurance brokers, which occasionally bothers Janice as staying true to her word is one of the most important principles of her life.

How she got involved in Insurance:

Janice started with McDougall Insurance in 1973, just looking for a career that could pay her bills. Janice began as a customer service representative (a role still present in McDougall Insurance today), but always aspired to take on a larger role with her clients.

Society tended to resist a female’s active role in selling insurance when Janice started, and her non-aggressive style of helping clients made the transition to a sales role more difficult. Janice pushed on, motivated by her caring for clients as well as her desire to take on additional responsibility, until she became a producer, a job she still holds 40 years later.

What Janice brings to the table:

Very experienced, with an emphasis on the details, Janice applies hardwork and empathy to understand you and your needs, and to design the best insurance policies for you, and those you care about.

It’s the people, not the numbers, that really makes insurance Janice’s ideal job. She really cares about all her clients, and it’s that drive that makes her a great broker for the people she works for.

What she thinks is important in a relationship with a client:

Janice believes that trust is the foundation of any good working relationship. Her clients need to trust that they can call and speak to her easily – without going through the automated menus and frustrated experiences of a call center. Janice strives to always answer calls & emails, because she understands how frustrating it is when you just can’t get through.

Being able to talk freely, without judgement and with lots of care, allows the partnership between client and broker to become strong. This strong relationship allows Janice to do the best job possible to service your insurance needs.

Finally, Janice believes loyalty can make all the difference. She was here at McDougall Insurance in 1973 and she’s still here in 2013. Loyalty to her customers, to her co-workers and McDougall Insurance has paved the way to a successful career and happy relationships. When you work with Janice, you can be sure she will go those extra steps to take care of you. After all, she really is all about the people.

Think Janice is the kind of person you’d like to have representing you for your insurance needs? Give her a call at 1-613-966-7001 extension 1231 or email her at, and become one of her people, today.

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