Happy, Funny and Active, Help Gary Help you With Insurance in Madawaska Valley
Gary Plebon has lived a life of insurance. Friendly and humble, he’s put his head down and worked hard ever since first being introduced to the industry by a guidance counselor in his last year of highschool. Although he is now older, smarter, and with a wife and kids, Gary still brings a youthful love and exuberance to insurance, from which his clients benefit every single day. With a rare combination of experience (Ice storms? Check. Disabilities? Check. Pretty much everything in insurance? Check.) and drive, Gary uses the 50% of his life that he has devoted to insurance to make your search for the right policy simpler. He works until he makes you happy – and that makes him happy. Think Gary is the man who can get it done for your insurance in Barry’s Bay? Shoot him an email at gplebon@mcdougallinsurance.com or call him at 613-756-3092 extension 2304!


Gary Plebon

Place of Birth?

Barry’s Bay


Gary’s family is his hobby. He firmly believes that if you are happy with your home life, it spills over to the workplace, and he is very happy at home. He loves spending time with his wife, son and daughter. It can be reading a book, fishing in their boat, or just picking up acorns. If it involves his family, he’s there. Gary is also an outdoorsman, who loves to fish, hunt and be outside with nature.

Favorite Food?

It’s got to be fresh! Fresh fish and fresh fruit are what Gary likes!

Favorite Saying?

“That’s what I’m talking about!”

One thing people should know about him:

That Gary actually spent 6 months in Calgary, and nearly relocated there permanently with his then girlfriend. However, he just couldn’t stay away from his hometown Barry’s Bay, where he and his fellow Barry’s Bay native wife now live happily.

How did you get involved in insurance?

Gary figured out that he wanted to make insurance a career in highschool, way back in Grade 12. A rudderless teen without a plan, he consulted a guidance counselor, and suggested that his affinity for numbers would make him a good accountant. His counselor agreed about the numbers part, but said that Gary was such a people person that a different financial industry, insurance, might be better suited to his skills. Gary agreed, and the rest is history.

His path to McDougall Insurance has followed nearly every path in the trade, and has intertwined with his development as a person. He’s grown from the college kid who came to his first class in the Business Insurance Program not knowing what a deductible was – to one of the most knowledgeable brokers in McDougall Insurance and the Barry’s Bay insurance scene.

Along the way he’s adjusted claims in the 1998 ice storm, underwritten Automobile and Property insurance policies, assessed disability claims and worked with a number of insurance comparies across Canada. But now, Gary has finally settled down, back where it all began – in Barry’s Bay. It’s been a journey, with many ups and downs, but Gary is better for it, and he uses the lessons he’s learned to make insurance easier for his Barry’s Bay clients every day.

What do you bring to the table to help your clients?

Gary’s experience is a great help to any of his clients – you won’t find many brokers who have spent over half their life in the industry while maintaining the youthful energy to work hard for you. Gary is also very honest, and he never answers a question to which he doesn’t know the answer.

Instead, he admits when he’s unsure, and gets the answer before advising his client – there is no false pride here, Gary won’t allow a mistake when it can cost you big time. He is always there to help his clients, and he feels he truly goes that extra mile for each and every one. Whether your account is $200 or $20,000, you’re important to Gary. He treats everyone equally, and with respect.

What do you think is important in a relationship with a client?

Honesty and trust. Gary can’t help you if he doesn’t know all of the facts, and you aren’t benefiting from his work if you don’t feel like he is reliable. That’s why Gary gives his all to make sure that you are comfortable telling him everything – he wants you to understand he will never let you down.By being a trusting and honest broker, Gary attracts trusting and honest clients. Because when you get trust going both ways, insurance becomes a walk in the park. And that’s exactly the kind of thing Gary likes to do.


Think Gary is the kind of person you’d like to walk with? Get him to represent you for all your insurance needs. Give him a call at 613-756-3092 extension 2304 or email him at gplebon@mcdougallinsurance.com  today. That’s what we’re talking about!

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