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John Hammond outside with cars in background

5 Movie Characters who Would pay the Most in Insurance

Have you ever gone to the movies and thought to yourself: There is no way this could actually happen in real life? Usually that is the mark of a bad movie. Of course for many films today you need to suspend you disbelief, but if a film isn’t able to convince you to do that subconsciously, it’s probably not a show worth watching.

However, all movies, be they good, bad or in-between, seem to forget about insurance. And that frustrates me, since insurance is my entire life (it isn’t a sad as it sounds, trust me).

Now an in depth discussion of insurance makes no sense in the context of movies, so I’ve decided to have a discussion now, since insurance is a joy best shared. Therefore, without further ado, here is my list of the five people within movies who would pay the most on their insurance premiums.

Note: I decided on this list by focusing only on characters who could reasonably buy, or be legally required to have, insurance. So we excluded obvious cop outs like the Emperor in Star Wars (the Death Star would not be insured), as well as large businesses and governments. However, that still left plenty of options, and most characters in movies would have to pay a ridiculous sum.

Dominic Toretto

That’s right, Dom Toretto, the muscled man behind the Fast and Furious franchise, would pay a stupid amount in insurance. So far in the franchise he has driven 21 cars, all heavily modified and improved with after-market parts, and pretty much all being built by Dodge.

Now I’m not going to criticize Dom’s choice in vehicles (I’m a smart car man myself), but I am going to openly ponder the cost of Dom’s insurance.

Dom’s driving record is pretty horrific, and the number of accidents he has been in (not to mention his violent arrests) guarantees he will have literally he worst driving record ever. We are talking $15,000+ per year, PER VEHICLE, even if he is driving a durable, dependable Dodge Charger.

People may argue that Dom, a guy who beat another man into a coma with a wrench, wouldn’t pay insurance at all, but those people haven’t watched all the movies. There is no doubt that by the end of Fast and Furious 6, Dom is a kind, even heroic, man. In fact, the main reason for Dom to be involved in the movie is to get his record cleaned so he can go back to a law-abiding life. Since auto insurance is compulsory in most jurisdictions in North America, Dom would have to pay insurance just like the rest of us. I don’t think we should feel too bad for him, after all he has like $100 million dollars.

John Hammond – Jurassic Park


John Hammond would have to pay a ton for the insurance at Jurassic Park. Seeing as he was forced by his investors to bring a lawyer to his park to certify that it is safe, we can almost certainly guarantee that Jurassic Park would be insured, or at least that those in control would think long and hard about the possibility.

Jurassic Park (like most other traveling shows and amusement parks) would probably carry a liability policy to handle injuries to its guests. Since many insurance companies require inspections and testimony by experts before committing to a policy, they might even be the reason the lawyer and Dr. Grant are forced to come to the park in the first place.

This all sounds reasonable, at least in theory, until you start to consider the actual risks of the park. This is a park where gigantic death-beasts are allowed to wander around in great big pens, apparently spending all day brooding and thinking of ways to murder their captors. And maybe figuring out how doors work as well.

The insurance costs for this park would be astronomical. And don’t try to argue that it is as safe as a regular zoo, since they have gigantic walls and electric fences in place. Hammond’s park lost 1 guy to the dino-murders in the first scene!

Not even a chaos-theorist could convince an Insurance Company to take on this risk, at least not without setting the record for the world’s most expensive insurance.

Axel Foley or Any Police Force With an Officer Known as a “Loose Cannon”

If you have ever heard an officer, agent or other gritty, well-meaning action hero be referred to as a “Loose Cannon” or told to turn in his gun and badge, think of the insurance!

Now I can’t speak for larger municipalities like New York, or Toronto, but I do know that most cities in Canada actually do carry insurance to cover the actions of their employees. And police, at least local forces, are employed by the city.

These policies are massive, complex, and for even midsized towns cost over a million in premium annually.

And the loose cannon cop will make sure the cost increases from there. Ever wonder who pays for damage that cops do, even when fulfilling the line of duty? The correct answer is it actually depends on a bunch of legal mumbo-jumbo, but the easy answer we are going to use is: the city! That means that when Axel Foley (Eddie Murphy’s character in Beverly Hills Cop) goads criminals into a destructive truck ride across Detroit, it’s the city’s insurance policy that is going to have to pay.

Insurance companies aren’t stupid. When they see the claims and understand that the police force isn’t prosecuting the meddling and dangerous officer (I’m this close to getting them chief!), they are going to have a fit. And charge the city like never, ever before.

Scrooge McDuck

He is a duck… Ducks don’t have, nor will they ever have insurance. But if they did Scrooge would be atop the list.

Bruce Wayne


To the Batmobile! Well sit tight there Mr. Batman, just because you are a superhero with no actual super powers (seriously he has no powers, just a lot of money and a very cool Halloween costume) does not mean you can just hop in the old Batmobile without insurance, unless of course that is not a requirement in Gotham City.

So how much would Mr. Wayne be looking at? Well assuming he wanted to insure his auto-mobiles, along with his property and all the contents, plus Wayne Enterprises he would be looking at a real big premium. Let’s recall the movie The Dark Knight Rises we watch Cat Woman steal his mother Pearl Necklace, and after a quick Google search for Pearl Necklace from Batman Movie I received a rough estimate of $16,038. Bruce is definitely going to need a personal articles floater for the Necklace which is going to cost him an additional premium.

Luckily for Mr. Wayne his policy is not as crippling as Bane so he can focus on the important things, like saving Gotham and talking like the Cookie Monster.

Curious to find out how your auto insurance would stack up next to these guys? Go ahead fill out this form and let us give you a price!

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