You don’t have to work seven days a week to be successful. Doing so is counter-productive. Not working on the weekend can actually improve your chances of success. But that does not mean lazing around and eating bonbons on your time off. Forbes magazine has dedicated several articles to successful people and their pursuit of organized relaxation and rejuvenation during the weekend.

Successful people know that shifting gears on your days off to relaxing and rejuvenating is important to make your week ahead more productive and enjoyable. This may be easier said than done for many – we can certainly get caught up in the habit of sleeping in, puttering about the house and doing chores. Chores are work – by doing them on the weekend you just put in a seven-day work week.

The following list contains the things that successful people do to find balance on the weekend; and balance is key to help you face the week ahead – even better, you can hit the ground running giving 110% on Monday morning.


It is so tempting to sleep in on the weekend, but don’t. You likely wake just before the alarm anyway, and that is because your body is ready to get up. You have conditioned yourself, made a routine, so stick to it. Confusing your sleep cycles by staying in bed disrupts your routine, even making you feel a little more tired, and certainly throws off your Monday.

Pursue Your Passion

There is no better energy than creative, passionate energy. Known as one of the best ways to relieve stress and open your mind to new ways of thinking, problem solving and planning – pursuing a passion on the weekends will stimulate positive energy for the coming week. So go ahead, paint, play the piano, cook – whatever it is that you are passionate about. I mean we at McDougall Insurance are passionate about our field but we also like to do other activities to open our mind up.

young man outside playing an instrument


Disconnecting from work texts, emails and so on is one of the most important strategies to truly taking this time off work. Failure to disconnect on your days off simply means you are still working. This prevents you from relaxing, refocusing and recharging.

Spend Time with Family and Friends

Family time is one of the most essential ways to recharge and relax. Quality time with family is so important, and successful people know this. Also important is your ability to socialize, so call those friends and have them over for dinner. Family and close friends are the most significant relationships in your life – treat them so. You will be glad you did.


Weekends are a great time to reflect, and from this reflection comes planning and improvement. Use the weekend to be more introspective about the big picture. This is the time to review your life. You want to focus on the bigger picture which may involve your family, what you are going to do to provide them with a happy life, what your time after retirement will look, and the finances you will require to accomplish those dreams. During a busy work week it can be hard to clear your mind and reflect on these things but on the weekend it is a perfect opportunity. And remember McDougall Insurance has financial services representatives who can help make this reflection period even better.

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