Meet the Dougallers features Dave Fox. He is our new highly trained insurance broker and has joined the McDougall DLK Insurance in our Brockville office. Dave is passionate about working in the community and creating ongoing relationships with his customers which makes Dave a great fit for the McDougall team. But that sounds like just about everyone in McDougall, we wanted to dive a little deeper to get to know Dave a little more and here’s what we found out:

Place of birth?

I was born in Brockville, Ontario and it is where myself and my family continue to call home.

Favourite hobbies?

My hobbies include visiting Flea Markets, Antique Shops and Thrift Stores. I used to be an avid vintage sports memorabilia collector. In more recent years I have used my collection to help local charities raise funds through auctioning off my signed memorabilia items.

Dave Fox with Pete Rose

Dave as a child standing with Pete Rose, professional baseball player

Favourite meal?

Steak and Potatoes – you just can’t beat it.

Favourite saying?

“All good”

Favourite movie and why?

Slapshot – Way too funny

How did you get involved in insurance?

After 18 years I was no longer enjoying my previous occupation selling newspaper ads. I received a phone call (out of the blue) from another broker who thought I might want to take a look at insurance as a career. He said “one thing about insurance….everyone needs it”. I was sold.

What do you bring to the table to help your clients?

Honesty and providing them with the best information to make an educated decision regarding all the different coverage options with their insurance.

What do you think is important in a relationship with a client?

Being honest and communication. In order for me to do my job well I need to know what my clients needs are. It is also important to be reviewing their needs on a regular basis to ensure they get the best coverage for the best price throughout our relationship.

Favorite sports team and why?

Toronto Blue Jays. I love a lot of sports but baseball is one of my favourites. When it comes to a team I saw the Blue Jays play a lot of games in Spring Training when I was younger and of course they are “Canada’s Team”.

Who is your celebrity role-model and why?

Jean Beliveau (Montreal Canadiens) – He was just a class act in every aspect. He always took time to have photos taken with him, sign autographs and talk with people regardless of status. That is something I very much admire.

Final thoughts?

When it comes to insurance I am connected and mobile, so it’s easy to get a quote. I will also be working on both the personal and commercial side of insurance. I have grown up in the community and continue to be a part of it. I love to volunteer as a youth baseball coach and when I have the time I enjoy participating on my own local sports teams.

The McDougall DLK Insurance is proud to have Dave as part of our branch and we look forward to his success with our company. To reconnect or meet Dave for the first time, stop by our local branch located at 35 King St. W or give him a call today at (613)342-8663.