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Insurance can be complicated and we get that! At McDougall Insurance it is our job to make sure our clients have the proper insurance protection and understand the different options available to them. Our insurance blog section is a resource to help make insurance less complicated. This section is designed entirely for you! Looking for more information about overland water protection for your home? Perfect, simply search for the topic and find out everything you need to know! Looking for the answer to a quick insurance question and don’t have time to read through a post? We’ve got you covered, just head to our Frequently Asked Questions section. Still haven’t found what you need? Give us a call, toll free at 1-800-361-0941, one of our brokers will be happy to assist you!

McDougall Insurance has been successfully operating for over 70 years. We have grown to include over 300 employees and offices, from Oshawa to Brighton to the Ottawa Valley and back. As the largest brokerage in Eastern Ontario, we represent over 50 insurance companies, offering you optimal selection and competitive rates.

We understand about maximizing your benefits so that you or your family can receive the best compensation if you crash your car, lose or damage your house and/or its contents, or become seriously ill and unable to work. Even your life can be insured so that your family is protected financially should anything happen to you.

How to Prepare Your Cottage for the Winter

There is nothing like being at the cottage during the summer. Enjoying those long summer nights, enjoying the outdoors, the water and everything your oasis has to offer. In order to enjoy your cottage year after year it takes a bit of work and preparation to make sure...

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Our Companies Discounts

Everybody loves a good discount, especially when it comes to their insurance. Which is why a lot of the companies we deal with offer discounts for their clients based on certain criteria. We have outlined a few of our major companies and some of the discounts they...

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5 Ways to Help Prevent a Cyber Attack

The reliance on computers and data technology systems has never been more paramount for businesses and their success. These systems are responsible for making our day-to-day operations more efficient and productive, as well as housing client information, marketing...

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Would You Recognize Employee Benefits Fraud?

Group benefits are widely enjoyed by many employees because they get discounted goods and services that otherwise they may not be able to afford. But, when are the employees crossing the line? We outlined a few scenarios that describe when an employee is committing...

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Do Males Pay More Than Females On Car Insurance?

A hot topic in the insurance world is do males pay more than females on their car insurance? To put it bluntly, yes. Of course there are different circumstances and different companies treat the topic differently, but as a whole yes, males pay more then females....