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As a bustling city with ever-expanding borders, having a car is a must to get around town in Oshawa. Benefitting significantly from the “Toronto effect,” Oshawa’s population has exploded over the previous decade – increasing the amount of drivers by the thousands. Moreover, auto insurance in Oshawa has changed significantly too, and at McDougall Insurance we want to make sure you have the right Oshawa auto insurance coverage for the right price. We work alongside you to deliver a tailor-made Oshawa auto insurance package that is based on your unique needs.

Oshawa is firmly rooted to its history in the automobile industry, especially the division of General Motors in Canada. It was founded in 1876 and originally coined the “McLaughlin Carriage Company.” General Motors of Canada’s headquarters are found in the city of Oshawa. It’s no wonder that cars are so important to the people of Oshawa! Auto insurance should be too. When your car is one of your most important assets, you want to make sure you’ve got the right coverage. Oshawa auto insurance is essential to residents – and you won’t get a better quote than with us here at McDougall. McDougall is a large car insurance broker in Ontario, We even provide Oshawa auto insurance quotes for free to service you better.

How can you get an Oshawa auto insurance quote? Easy – McDougall Insurance makes the process of getting an Oshawa auto insurance quote quick and simple. You only need to fill out the necessary information on our online form on this page. You’ll be contacted by one of our professional insurance brokers to advise you on the Oshawa auto insurance best suited for you and your vehicle’s protection. We will work closely with you to understand your situation and build a concrete auto insurance package based on your needs. As one of the professional insurance brokers in Oshawa, We are known for our quick response time and are particularly proud of our experienced brokers, who are always ready to help and make a difference in your life.

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Insurance Products

Mandatory Oshawa Auto Insurance Coverage

It’s illegal to drive without auto insurance in Ontario, and rightly so. The Ontario government has implemented regulations as a result mandating that basic auto insurance consist of several rudimentary forms of coverage, including:

  • Accident benefits
  • Direct reimbursement
  • Liability for physical injury to third-party
  • Liability for property damage
  • Uninsured drivers

Liability coverage is intended to protect drivers the costs that result from damages they do to others or their property in an accident. Commonly, Ontario drivers will have a limit of $1,000,000 in liability, but here at McDougall Insurance we recommend that our clients increase that number to $2,000,000 for their Oshawa auto insurance policy. This is because lawsuits lately have increased quite a bit in costs, and doubling your liability coverage is of very little added price.

Roughly fifteen percent of drivers in Ontario do not drive with an active auto insurance policy. While that number might not seem like very much, it means that some 170,000 people are on the road driving without insurance. Thanks to advancements in police vehicle technology, this number has gone down quite a bit – but the threat is still very prevalent. A percentage of your Oshawa auto insurance premium is used to protect you and your vehicle from this threat.

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Accident Benefits for Oshawa Auto Insurance

The Ontario government supplies drivers with basic medical benefits to help them out if they should be involved in a car accident. Despite this, drivers need to be conscious of the coverage options that are available to them through the purchase of supplementary coverage. Here at McDougall, we advise that drivers consider these options based on what their company offers for health plans and what the current needs of their family are. Basic policy limits may not be suitable for protecting drivers from every hazard on the road given the present medical, attendant care and rehabilitation portion of a general accident benefits policy. By adding these onto your current Oshawa auto insurance policy, gaps left by your active coverage can be remedied without a hitch.

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Oshawa Auto Insurance Comprehensive Coverage Option

Should you be considered “at-fault” in a car accident, comprehensive coverage will protect you from having to foot the bill for your car’s physical damage repair costs. Comprehensive coverage is, however, subject to a deductible – which is the portion of the cost that you pay after submitting a claim before your insurance provider can jump in to cover the remainder. This coverage will also protect you from acts of vandalism, theft, fire, falling objects, and collisions with wildlife. Additionally, it can cover the costs of glass repairs; if you can repair the chip before it cracks, however, your insurance provider might waive your deductible. You should include this protection component in with your existing Oshawa car insurance in order to have sufficient coverage from unforeseen threats that may occur even when your vehicle is parked or stowed away for a certain period.

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Oshawa Car Insurance Collision Coverage Option

Like comprehensive coverage, collision coverage is considered to be a supplementary add-on to your current Oshawa auto insurance policy and can be purchased for a small price. This coverage option can protect you from hit-and-run situations and parking lot bumps and scrapes. Just like comprehensive coverage, collision coverage is also subject to a deductible. The standard deductible for collision coverage is $500,but most insurance providers will allow you to increase or decrease this amount based on your personal preferences.

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Ontario’s No-Fault Insurance

No matter who is actually deemed “at-fault” in an accident, Ontario has something called “no-fault insurance.” Essentially this means that if there are two drivers involved in an accident, the insurance providers will only pay out for the damage done to their policyholders’ vehicle. A percentage of your Oshawa auto insurance premium is dedicated to this protection. No-fault insurance is used to make the claims process simpler for drivers.

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Additional Oshawa Auto Insurance Endorsements

Here’s an insurance term that you might not know: insurance endorsements. What is an endorsement? An endorsement is basically something that can overwrite your existing policy. It can add coverage or remove it, taking priority over whatever is already written in your insurance policy. One benefit to including endorsements in your existing Oshawa auto insurance policy is that you can cover any possible gaps in your current coverage. If you aren’t sure what coverage you need, McDougall’s Oshawa auto insurance brokers are here to help you navigate your car insurance policy.

Loss of Use Endorsement

Loss of Use (referred to as OEF20 by brokers) is an endorsement that covers you for the costs of a rental vehicle during a period where your usual vehicle is out of commission for repairs. OEF20 is relatively inexpensive, and it certainly beats out having to find your own form of transportation while your car is in the shop.

Limited Waiver of Depreciation Endorsement

Sometimes referred to as OPCF43, the Limited Waiver of Depreciation endorsement can waive depreciation on new cars that you buy and can be active for anywhere from 24 to 48 months. Should your new car be involved in a wreck only a couple years after its purchase, you have the choice of replacing it with a brand new vehicle or receiving the exact value of your previous car for when you purchased it and not the reduced cost. This is a good addition to your current Oshawa auto insurance, since it can aid you in making the most of the value that you would get in claim situations for new cars. You must, however, show your insurance company purchase proof or a bill of sale to purchase this endorsement.

Liability for Damages to Non-Owned Automobiles Endorsement

This endorsement is good for anyone who travels and makes use of rental vehicles. It can replace having to pay rental agencies insurance rates – which can be issued per day – and ultimately saves you some money. This endorsement is applicable for if you drive in the United States or within Canada. There are some restrictions to this endorsement however, so ensure that you discuss your travel plans with your insurance broker beforehand.

At McDougall Insurance, we want to help you look out for your vehicle. It’s important to you! For Oshawa residents, auto insurance should be a breeze. Get free, no-obligation Oshawa auto insurance quote swith us today.

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