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That’s One Expensive Tooth. Are Your Dental Needs Covered?

Athletes have been viewed at as role models and even considered heroes to people for years. Maybe even more so now as we live in the age of social media which allows these role models and heroes to communicate and express their feelings and opinions on certain matters in ways that fans, reporters, and league executives haven’t ever been exposed to before. The extraordinary athletes of today’s professional leagues who spend their entire lives working on and mastering their craft so that they can be paid truckloads of money that your everyday average Joe just simply couldn’t even begin to fathom what it would be like to experience their life style when they are not training or competing during the season. With money like that everyday financial stressors that those living in the real world deal with probably don’t even register on these athlete’s radars, right?

Not entirely.

About a month ago, NBA All Star and member of the Golden State Warriors’ “Super Team” Draymond Green found him with a slap – or elbow if you will – in the face of reality that you wouldn’t expect someone of his financial situation to ever have to deal with. On February 8th, 2018 Green and the Warriors set to face off against the Oklahoma City Thunder in a big West Division match up. Before halftime, the 6 ft 7 inch 28 year old Draymond Green was on the receiving end of a stiff elbow in the mouth during the play that resulted in drawing blood from the All Stars mouth. Since there was no call on the play, Green decided to voice his frustrations to the referee that was officiating the game.

As most people would react to being struck in the face – Green was not a happy camper and even more so since the referee decided the contact wasn’t worth a foul call.

Draymond Green continued on to voice his frustrations as he showed what had happened to his tooth to the official. As this “discussion” went on the referee had heard enough and issued Green a technical foul which only infuriated him further. As the game went on, Green was issued a second technical foul which ultimately leaded for him to have an early night as he was ejected from the game. Once the game wrapped up and the media were able to have a word with Draymond, something that was addressed was the hefty fine issued by the league to him for a price of $50,000 for his behavior and language toward to the referee. When asked about this, Green, who was still frustrated with the whole situation, talked about how he has to control himself better in those situations. He was more so concerned about the fact that his insurance company wouldn’t cover the dental work required to fix his now caved in tooth and this was going to cost him up to 500 dollars.

“That’s pretty upsetting. So, it cost me $50,500 for getting hit in the tooth. That’s great. It’s amazing. That’s an expensive tooth.” (Draymond Green, via ESPN).

Most of us would happily trade bank accounts with Mr. Green any day, but rest assured that if you are covered through us here at McDougall Insurance, the multiple time NBA All Star and Champion will be wishing he traded Insurance Brokers with you.

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