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Orillia Commercial Business Insurance

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Commercial/Business Insurance Orillia – Free Quotes Online

Here at McDougall Insurance, we take care of all different types of commercial insurance in Orillia – also referred to as “business insurance.” Business insurance in Orillia comes in many forms, designed to handle a wide variety of businesses in different industries. The right coverage can protect your business’s vital assets, such as your auto fleets and your commercial property. At the same time, we also protect you against liability and cover business interruption costs if a loss forces you temporarily out of business. Below, we have compiled a list of some of the different types of Orillia business insurance coverages that may help protect your operations.

We know insurance can be confusing, but we are one of the best insurance brokers in Orillia, which is why we never expect our hardworking business owners to take hours from their busy days to learn about the different kinds of coverage. We’re here to break down and define some of the more complicated items so you can get the information you need with no hassle. Read on for more information on commercial/business insurance in Orillia and what you can expect.



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Orillia Insurance Products

Different Types of Business Insurance in Orillia

There are many different types of business insurance in Orillia, and each component in your business insurance policy works to protect an aspect of your business, like buildings, cars, equipment, and more. Let’s breakdown the components of business insurance and what they cover.

Commercial Property Insurance

Liability Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance

What Is Commercial Property Insurance?

A standard commercial insurance policy in Orillia may contain commercial property insurance. Whether you work out of an office in your home, own a large warehouse, lease an office, or own multiple large branches for your workers throughout Canada, commercial property insurance can help to protect your building assets. Commercial property insurance can cover the building itself as well as your vital business materials, such as equipment, electronics, furniture, and more.


What Is Commercial General Liability Insurance?

Virtually every business will need some form of liability insurance. Commercial general liability insurance in Orillia protects your business against liability claims alleging your business activities have caused someone an injury or damage to their property. Liability insurance will cover your legal fees and awards or settlements up to the policy limit. The cost of lawsuits is always on the rise, so if you purchase nothing else, at least consider this coverage!

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What Is Business Interruption Insurance?

Business interruption insurance is designed to protect your business in Orillia from loss of income in the event that it has to close temporarily due to a covered loss. You’ll find business interruption coverage available in a wide variety of forms, including loss of earnings, loss of profits, extra expenses, temporary relocation, employee wage coverage, loss of rental income, and more.

Other Forms of Business Insurance in Orillia

The above list shows some of the more common forms of business insurance coverage you can get in Orillia. Commercial insurance is designed to protect your business, but the specifics of this coverage ultimately depends on how your business operates. Your best bet is to work with a McDougall insurance broker to find insurance protection tailored to the type of work that you do daily. With over 70 years of experience in the insurance industry, you might say that we have a bit of expertise in the area.
Below are some additional forms of business insurance in Orillia that could be of benefit to your business.

Errors and Omissions or Professional Liability Insurance

Like general liability insurance, this enhanced liability coverage protects businesses that deal in the offering of professional advice and services. For some industries, it’s a mandatory purchase and can cover expenses like administrative fees, defence costs, settlements, and awards.

Commercial Automobile Insurance

For companies that have commercial automobiles, whether they’re sedans, vans, or huge trucks, commercial automobile insurance is a must-have to protect your business’s liability if your business vehicles should cause injuries or damages while in use. An endorsement for this coverage may also protect your employees’ vehicles if they use them for business activities.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Particularly designed for businesses that make use of a lot of expensive and necessary equipment and tools, equipment breakdown insurance helps protect your business if any of its machinery should unexpectedly break down and you need to purchase a temporary replacement or perform repairs. This helps you keep your business going even if your tools break down.

Orillia Business Insurance FAQs

It can be for some industries. Professional liability insurance, a type of heightened liability insurance for professional occupations, can insure your business against claims alleging negligence, errors, and omissions. For lawyers and medical professionals, this insurance can be required. Otherwise, it’s only highly recommended.

For an average small to medium-sized business in Orillia, business insurance can cost anywhere between $300 and $1,500 a year. Consider it like you would any other integral business expense and factor in its costs into your yearly budget. Insurance is never something you should skip, especially when your business means so much to you.

There are so many reasons why you should carry business insurance in Orillia as an invested business owner. Business insurance protects your business property and protects you against liability, thus giving you peace of mind. It also protects your employees, makes you more reputable as a business, and protects you from bearing the costs of expensive lawsuits. In short, business insurance is one of the main ways you can keep your business prepared for any unpleasant surprises.

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