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Star Wars the Force Awakens poster

Star Wars – Everything You Need For The New Film

Ok before I get into this I want to make one thing clear: this is without a doubt the most anticipated film of 2015, 100%, no argument! If you don’t agree with this statement then, well, I don’t know that we can be friends. Don’t get me wrong I know Star Wars isn’t for everyone and there are loads of people out there doing the Mockingjay hum for Katniss Everdeen as she rebels against the capital. Put the claws away, I agree that The Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part 2 is a good film as well, but it most certainly does not have the anticipation and build up of the new Star Wars.


Quick Question:

When was the first Star Wars Movie Released in Theatres? And yes I realize if you are reading this you are on a computer and could very easily find the answer, but don’t do that! That is like going into an exam where you didn’t study beforehand so you sit beside the smart girl with very big and legible writing and you wear your sunglasses during the exam so you can look over and copy all her answers, only to find out you had different versions of the exam. I guess in this case Google would be the intelligent female with awesome writing and you would be the guy who Google’s Star Trek instead of Star Wars and finds a completely wrong answer?

See what I did there I flipped it like they do in the newspaper, thinking that by flipping it you won’t be able to see it… But good on you if you actually knew the answer!


Star Wars Summary

Here is a quick recap of the episodes summarized in chronological order to remind you of the events that have gone on leading up to the new movie:

I – Phantom Menace

Episode I is the worst episode of the Star Wars series according to just about everyone. Never-the-less this is where Anakin is discovered and quickly deemed to be the “Chosen One”, destined to bring balance to the Force. Qui-Gon Jinn who is played by Liam Neeson dies in this movie, which is weird because Liam Neeson is so bad ass that many people have a hard time picturing him dying in movies. But anyways he enters Anakin in a Pod race to free him from that wierd flappy alien dude, Watto, and in miraculous fashion Anakin wins. Anakin is introduced to the Jedi Council led by Yoda and Mace Windu. They are skeptical to train Anakin so Qui-Gon vows to train the boy himself. Padme is the Queen, and her along with everyone’s least favourite character Jar Jar Binks devise a plan to defeat the droid army. During the assault Qui-Gon is struck down by my favourite bad guy in the Star Wars series thus far Darth Maul, the apprentice of Darth Sidious. Darth Sidious lives a double life as Senator Palpatine and an undercover Sith lord. Obi-Wan avenges Qui-Gon’s death and is made a Jedi Knight and he vows to take Anakin under his wing.

II – Attack of the Clones

Anakin who is no longer a young kid but a brash man with a keen eye for Padme and is sent with Obi-Wan to protect her. After an assassination attempt on Padme, Obi-Wan ventures off by himself to discover who issued the attempt. During his adventure he finds there is a massive unknown clone army being built based off of Jango Fett, who happens to be the bounty hunter he has been pursuing all along. Anakin finds out his mother has been captured and goes to rescue her but he is too late. The sand people took her and killed her, in his sadness Anakin murders all the sand people and this is the first real moment where you see the Dark side in him. In the meantime Obi-Wan is in trouble and sends for help so Anakin and Padme come to save the day, however all three end up captured by evil Sith Lord, Count Dooku. They are set for execution when Mace Windu and a team of Jedi’s come to save them along with Yoda and the clone army. In the escape Anakin and Obi-Wan follow Dooku but he out duals both of them and cuts off Anakin’s arm in the process. Luckily Yoda shows up and fends off Dooku to rescue Anakin and Obi-Wan. After the events Yoda is fearful that they have triggered the Clone Wars. The movie ends with Anakin and his new robotic arm, secretly marring Padme but no one can know about it.

III – Revenge of the Sith

Count Dooku, as part of Palpatine’s plan, orders the Separatist Army’s second-in-command, General Grievous to kidnap Palpatine. Anakin and Obi-Wan lead a mission to rescue Palpatine. After beheading Count Dooku and freeing Palpatine the Jedi escape. Palpatine, after seeing the anger Anakin had in him while beheading Dooku, offers to be his mentor. To complicate matters Padme reveals to Anakin that she is pregnant. Anakin is excited about the idea of being a father but begins having visions of her dying as a result of giving birth and he explains this visions to Palpatine. Palpatine, who is trained in the Darkside, tells a story to Anakin about his mentor Darth Plagueis and that he has the power to prevent death. Anakin Reveals this to the Jedi Council and Mace Windu is sent to arrest Palpatine. Anakin torn by the visions of Padme’s death and what Palpatine told him decides to go rescue Palpatine from Windu. Anakin cuts off Windu’s arm and then watches Palpatine electrocute Windu out of a window. Anakin, after aiding Palpatine is now appointed as his new apprentice, Darth Vader. Palpatine, orders the clones to kill the Jedi. Obi-Wan and Yoda are the only Jedi to survive. Palpatine declares to the Senate that the Jedi tried to kill him and it is at this point that he reforms the Senate into the Empire and declares himself Emperor. Obi-Wan, aware of Anakin’s evil confronts him and cuts off his other arms and both his legs, leaving him in a lava field. Luckily for Anakin, and the rest of us the Emperor saves him. Padme dies from child birth but her twins are born, Luke and Leia.

IV – A New Hope

The title speaks a lot to this episode as Luke Skywalker is discovered, although not trained very well in the way of the Force, he is introduced to it by Obi-Wan. With Han Solo and Chewbacca, Obi-Wan and Luke board the Millennium Falcon to help rescue Princess Leia who was captured by Darth Vader. During the rescue Obi-Wan is struck down by Darth Vader in the fight but is able to merge his consciousness with the Force. The Rebels send a fleet of ships to destroy the Death Star and using the guidance of Obi-Wan’s conscious and the force Luke Skywalker is able to destroy the death star.

V – Empire Strikes Back

Luke is sent to Dagobah to meet Yoda who will train Luke in the way of the Force. During his training Han Solo and Princess Leia are deceived and trapped by Darth Vader. Han is placed in Carbon Freeze and taken away by a bounty hunter named Boba Fett, “clone son” of Jango Fett. Luke comes to save his friends, which is all part of Vader’s plan to get Luke to come to the dark side of the Force. Luke and Vader battle, and during the fight Vader slices off Luke’s hand. This is the legendary scene where Luke cries out “I’ll never join you!” and Darth Vader says, “You don’t know the power of the dark side. Obi-Wan never told you what happened to your father,” and Luke replies, “He told me enough, he told me you killed him!” To which Vader responds, “No… I am your father.” Luke barley escapes with his life by jumping down an escape ventilator where he is picked up by Leia in the Millennium Falcon. Luke is given a new robotic hand. Hey didn’t something like this already happen?

VI – Return of the Jedi

Han is taken to Jabba the Hutt still frozen. The crew tries to rescue Han but are caught. Leia is taken as a slave of Jabba and Luke is sent to the dungeon of the giant rancor to be treated as a tasty snack. Despite Jabba’s intention Luke kills the rancor and ends up saving Han and the rest of the crew. Vader pays a visit to the new Death Star but it’s completion is behind schedule. Luke visits Yoda who sadly passes away from his old age only to reveal to Luke that he must confront Vader. After Yoda’s death, Obi-Wan reveals to Luke that he has a sister and Luke instantly knows it is Leia (which is weird because they went for a pretty passionate kiss in episode 5). Luke battles Vader again only this time Luke has the upper-hand. The Emperor attempts to transition Luke to the dark side and take the place of Darth Vader, but when Luke refuses the Emperor strikes him with lightning, almost to the point of death until Darth Vader steps in and defeats the Emperor to save Luke. Vader, now Anakin Skywalker again, talks to Luke before he dies exclaiming how Luke has saved him. The Death Star is destroyed and the movie ends with celebration where Luke sees the ghost forms of Obi-Wan, Yoda, and now Anakin, smiling at him.


Episode VII – The Force Awakens

The Good Guys

The new film takes place approximately 30 years after the events of Episode VI – Return of the Jedi. The new movie is going to bring back some of the classics we know and love such as Chewbacca, R2D2, C3PO, Han Solo, Princess Leia and even Luke Skywalker.

From what I have gathered from the trailers and tidbits of information here and there the story will follow Finn; a Stormtrooper who woke up one day and said to himself why am I dressed in this (stormtrooper) suit, it makes going to the bathroom next to impossible and despite the fact that I carry a blaster rifle, my lasers have never actually hit anyone, so he rethinks his life choices as a Storm Trooper and joins the good guys.

The other main character on the good guys side that the story will follow is Rey, a lone scavenger on the planet of Jakku (a new planet in the Star Wars films). Rey has been rumoured to be a Skywalker or a Solo, but this is a major speculation. She will most certainly play a big role in the film and my guess is she is on a quest to find Luke’s (her father) fallen lightsaber, more on that later. She also has a new droid who fans are falling in love with, BB-8.

Then there is Maz Kanata who appears on the cover of the film, but is not seen in the trailers. However she is heard. When you listen to the start of the trailer I posted above, at the beginning a voice asks “who are you?”. It is believed this is Maz Kanata and she is force-sensitive, even perhaps an ex-Jedi (or Sith).

Finaly some Poe Dameron guy is apparently the best pilot in the galaxy, despite never bulls eyeing whomp rats in his T-16 back home. Regardless he will have a big roll.


Now a Joke

An Ewok (the cute little bear looking things) strolls into a bar and says to the bartender, “I’ll have a rum and………….. coke”
The bartender says, “Sure thing, but why the little pause?”
“I was born with them,” replies the Ewok.

The Bad Guys

The antagonist in the film or the main bad guy is a character known as Kylo Ren, who has a really cool lightsaber. The lightsaber has caused a lot of stir among fans because of its unusual cross guard design. This is unlike any other lightsaber we have seen before, even Darth Maul’s double ended saber and that is for good reason! The lightsaber is something that Ren supposedly built himself.


Characters names in Star Wars are often used to represent something. You’ll remember that Darth Vader was once Anakin Skywalker but when he became Darth Vader his name actually translates into Dark Father. Kylo Ren is not his actual name, much like Darth Vader was not Anakin Skywalker’s actual name. The Ren part comes from a group he joined known as the Knights of Ren. As to who the Knights of Ren are, well, that is something you will have to wait to find out, but it seems to make sense that they are a reborn version of the Sith and anyone who is apart of it get’s the name Ren. Just like the Sith with Darth, get it? The obvious story behind the character is that Kylo is a Vader obsessive and wants to follow in his footsteps, even though he was born long after Vaders death.

Then there is Captain Phasma who appears to show similarities to Boba-Fett, in that they have different armour and seem to be skilled fighters. The character is played by Gwendoline Christie, you may recogonize her from the TV series Game of Thrones, and she is obviously someone you don’t want to mess with.

Then there is General Hux, leader of the First Order’s (the new, revamped name for the Empire) Starkiller Base, which is the new version of the Death Star. It is tough to say where General Hux will fall into place and how big of an impact he will have.

Finally, there is Supreme Leader Snoke, who, much like Maz Kanata, has been kept secret. There are a lot of fan theories revolving around Snoke but the general consensus is he will definitely have a big role in the films. He is a CG-rendered character but there has not been a unveiling of what he will actually look like. My guess is he is actually Emperor Palpatine’s old master Darth Plageuis who has been the mastermind behind so much of what we know of the dark side of the Force, but that is a guess. Either way I am excited!


Story Line

There has been a lot of speculation as to what is going to happen, but at this point it is all speculation. I was torn when writing this whether I should include what I am about to and that is the unknown role that Luke Skywalker is going to play. He hasn’t really been shown or talked about in the trailers. In fact the only scene where we think we see him in the trailer we don’t actually see his face, only his robotic arm and R2-D2.


The other big area of focus is what happened to Luke Skywalker’s first lightsaber that he lost in the battle between with Darth Vader on Cloud City in Episode 5. Someone has salvaged the lightsaber and everyone is eager to know who it was and what role they will have. Still the big question remains what will Luke’s role be? Has he gone into hiding knowing that he is the last Jedi, or has he created the Knights or Ren to try and bring balance to the Force, or will he follow in his father’s footsteps and join the dark side? Well, I guess we will just have to wait and see!

Looking for Jar Jar?

Well, Jar Jar Binks won’t make an appearance, I know that is probably good news to a lot of you, I for one was actually a fan of him, but either way check out this theory on his character if you want your mind to be blown.


That’s a Wrap

All-in-all I have never been more excited in my life to watch a movie in theatres than I am for this one and hopefully now you are too. I have tried to equip you with all of the knowledge you need before heading out to see this masterpiece, without spoiling it. I think we can expect that Disney realizes the impact these movies have had and will do a fantastic job to put together a great film. Christmas comes a week early in 2015 for many with the release date on December 18th… See you then!


Oh PS I didn’t want to relate this specific article to insurance, even though I work at an insurance brokerage, because come off it, right? We do other things, it’s not like our entire life revolves around insurance. But I did a quick Google search and found that for Han Solo to insure the Millennium Falcon in our galaxy it would cost him $10 million a month! This is based on; his commute to work one way of slightly less than 12 parsecs, the average cost to replace the vehicle, his driving record (he has two speeding tickets and an at fault accident when he rear ended an asteroid) along with several other factors! So consider yourself lucky you don’t have that bill each month! To talk more Star Wars, or insurance you can always give us a call at 1-800-361-0941 or leave us a comment below!


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