Do you have a boat? Is it currently insured? If you answered yes to the first to the first question, you can benefit from getting boat insurance with McDougall Insurance. If you answered yes to the second question, McDougall Insurance can get you increased value, through a better policy at a great price.

Our Experience

McDougall Insurance has offices all over cottage country, from Gananoque and Kingston to Arnprior and Barry’s Bay, so we know how you use your cottage, and how best the insure it.

We’ve spent years negotiating with insurance companies to get the best rates possible for cottage and boat owners, and when you combine those specialty markets with our homeowners and auto insurance programs, we have a comprehensive package that just can’t be beat.

Many of our insurance experts have owned boats all their lives, and love nothing more than to get out on the water – whether it’s to water-ski, fish or just go for a pleasant ride and swim. This gives us a great advantage in advising you on insurance – we know how you use your boat, and therefore know how you will need to be protected. You won’t be paying extra for coverage you won’t use, McDougall Insurance experts will customize your insurance to match you exactly. It’s pure insurance muscle, without any fatty scraps that you might find on other policies.

A True Relationship

McDougall Insurance places an emphasis on local. We are a family run business that started with Lorne McDougall in the 1940s, and we’ve extended our family to help people across Ontario. You will be partnered with a team of McDougall Insurance experts, like Janice Paton, who will get to know you personally. They are always available to chat and answer questions, and will know your name and respond to your problems.

There is nothing worse than just being a number in a database, so we make sure you never are.

Always on top of Your Boat Insurance

Do you know what a layaway period is? It’s a clause not often mentioned in insurance, but it means a heck of a lot to boat owners everywhere. Basically watercraft insurance policies actually won’t cover you year round – they are only in effect for periods the insurance companies deem “reasonable” to operate your boat in (the summer months). Your boat isn’t covered if you use it at any other time.

So what happens when there is a warm spring (something that is going to happen more and more)? Many people took out their boats and lost big when they get into accidents that weren’t covered by their insurance. Not McDougall Insurance customers. We advised our boat policy owners of the layaway provision in their insurance, and in several cases negotiated with insurance companies to allow you to get your boat in the water sooner – while still being covered.

That’s the McDougall Advantage. We routinely review and evaluate your policy to ensure you get no nasty surprises, and to make sure you are receiving all eligible discounts. It’s a little gesture that goes a long way in making sure your insurance is effective and efficient, which is what McDougall Insurance is all about.

Would you like to know that your insurance brokerage is on the cutting edge of watercraft insurance? Think constant attention to detail is a trait you value in a broker? Then give us a call at 1-800-361-0971 or visit the branch closest to you! Let us help you with your boat insurance, so your finances don’t end up sinking.

COVID-19 Update

Sorry our offices are now closed to the public.

We are doing our utmost to protect our customers and our staff and following the Province wide lockdown protocols.

Business can still be conducted online, through email or over the phone. For a list of staff emails go to: Staff Profiles