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The G License Test in Ontario is Temporarily Changing

In Ontario there are 3 tests you must complete in order to receive your full G license to operate a vehicle on your own. The first is the G1 test, which is a written test about the rules of the road. The next test is the G2 test, this is an in-vehicle test. Finally there is the G road test, which is similar to the G2 test but includes some more challenging driving situations such as driving on the highway. The G license test is now changing, temporarily. The driving force behind this change is the backlog of appointments the Ministry of Transportation is experiencing because of Covid-19.

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What is changing about the G road test?

In order to get more tests completed in a day drivers will be asked to perform fewer tasks. There will no longer by any duplicate maneuvers from the G2 road test. This includes 3 point turns, parallel parking and road-side stops. A lot of G2 drivers are probably excited that the dreaded parallel park has been removed! There will also be less residential driving and significantly less right and left hand turns. The average length of the new test format is only going to be about 15 minutes.

What is staying the same with the G test?

Although drivers are being asked to do less for their G test and no longer required to duplicate maneuvers from their G2 test, there still are certain elements that will remain. The most notable is the highway driving. Drivers will still be asked to operate their vehicle on a major highway. Merging on the highway, performing lane changes and exiting the highway will all be evaluated. Awareness of posted speed limits, mirror use and blind-spot checking will all still be included in the test. The test will remain similar with the main takeaway being that there are less tasks to perform.

How long are the changes supposed to last?

The Ministry of Transportation has said the changes are temporary but will be in effect until March 31st with the ability to extend beyond that date if necessary. Over 400,000 tests have been cancelled since the pandemic begin in March 2020. This has lead to complications for young drivers trying to complete their full G license in the allotted 5 year window. That timing starts from when they initially write and pass their G1 test, to when they complete their G test. Extensions have been granted to drivers who have required them but some drivers may be forced to re-complete the entire process if too much time has elapsed.

How will this impact insurance?

When it comes to short cutting driver tests it can make insurance companies fearful. Ensuring drivers are fit to operate a motor vehicle safely is very important and the reason graduated licensing was introduced in 1994. This change may result in substandard drivers passing the test, who may not have passed under the standard test. Drivers who pass the G test may not be re-evaluated again until much later in their life. Insurance companies will be concerned about this change. Significant property damage and personal injury can occur from drivers who are not properly trained and equipped for the road. A premium increase for young drivers is unlikely at least initially, however there may be even more weight and savings for drivers who achieve a certified driver training course.

For more tips for young drivers check out our driver saving tips blog.

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