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Home Insurance in Barrie, Ontario

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Property & Home Insurance in Barrie: Free Quotes

Becoming a homeowner, in today’s economy, is no easy feat. With daily living costs soaring through the roof, an average worker has to put in significant effort just to be able to put away enough money to afford a down payment on a new home. Just consider: the average price of a home in Barrie is $750,000. When the time finally comes to become a homeowner, wouldn’t you want to do everything you can to protect that investment? This is where home insurance comes in. Barrie residents can protect their place of sanctuary and future memories with McDougall Insurance, Ontario’s home insurance brokerage of choice.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Get comprehensive home insurance in Barrie from McDougall Insurance today.


What Is Ontario Property & Home Insurance?

Your homeowner’s insurance, or home insurance, is an agreement that you make with an insurance carrier wherein you exchange premiums for protection. The actual extent of this protection or insurance coverage may vary depending on your chosen policies. Since, in Barrie, home insurance is not required by law, there isn’t a set number of things that a policy will cover. While you can generally expect your policy to cover your home’s contents and dwelling and provide liability protection, things like policy limits and covered perils may vary.

Home insurance in Barrie is categorized into three forms: basic, broad, and comprehensive. As the name implies, comprehensive home insurance is the most all-encompassing insurance coverage (albeit the most expensive) and may insure your property and its contents against a wide variety of potential risks and losses. Basic and broad home insurance offer less extensive coverage at a potentially lower cost. You will find that most insurance brokers will recommend more extensive coverage to ensure your home is properly covered.

Insurance isn’t always straightforward, which is why we recommend working with a McDougall home insurance broker in Barrie to help you break down coverage details. Understanding home insurance premiums, endorsements, and other finer details can be difficult on your own. Let our experienced insurance brokers help you out.

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Home Insurance in Barrie: Costs & Breakdown

Insurance pricing is based on many things, including the risk presented by the home itself and the people residing in it. In other words, the cost of insurance is based on the likeliness of a claim being filed as well as the value of the home. The coverage options you purchase as well as your policy limits also contribute to your premiums.

Not every insurance company uses the same factors to gauge the cost of your home insurance. That being said, we’ve listed below the factors that are most commonly used by insurance providers to determine premiums:

The age and condition of your home

Older homes may cost more to insure than newer homes that are in better condition. Naturally, older homes tend to have older, more outdated systems that are more prone to catching fire, malfunctioning, leaking, etc., all of which can result in damages to the home, increasing the risk of a claim. Renovating older homes is a good way to combat the higher premiums you might have to pay if you own an older property.

The value of your property

The more there is to insure, the more your Barrie home insurance will cost you. For example, a townhouse with two floors, two bathrooms, and a single bedroom might be a lot less costly to insure than a three-storey property with a huge patio, multiple bathrooms and bedrooms, and a massive basement suite. The market value for the latter home is much higher.

The location of your property

Insurance coverage for rural properties may cost more than coverage for urban or suburban properties. The reason for this is that many rural properties are located much further away from police stations, fire stations, and fire hydrants, meaning that if something disastrous happens, emergency services would be further away. The odds of receiving help in time would be lower, raising the chances of property loss. Homes nearer to emergency services stations might have lower premiums.

Contents of the home

Contents insurance is part of your home insurance, and having lots of high-value items to insure may increase your premium. Insurance companies may also require that you purchase specific insurance for luxury items, like jewellery, furs, antiques, and collectibles, as these may not always be insurable under a standard contents insurance policy.

Past claims and insurance history

The past claims and insurance history of the homeowners can give an insurance company a better idea of the homeowners’ risk profile. The more claims you have filed in the past, the more likely you are to make more claims in the future, which may cause an increase in your premium. Generally, the first claim is waived from any insurance premium increases by an insurer, but every claim afterwards could have a negative impact on your overall costs.

Find out which coverage type is the best option for you when you apply for a free home insurance quote from McDougall!

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Helpful Ways to Save on Your Home Insurance in Barrie

Home and auto insurance premiums have recently been on the rise due to external factors out of the individual consumer’s control. Global factors, such as rising housing costs, demand for supplies, and inflation rates impact home insurance premiums. While this can seem discouraging, our insurance brokers at McDougall Insurance can let you in on the best ways to save. See our list of top savings opportunities for home insurance in Barrie below.


Bundle your insurance policies

If you have multiple policies, like home and auto, you may be able to qualify for an insurance discount known as a “multi-policy discount.” Many insurance providers will actually discount your policies by 15% for each policy. Loyal customers who have been insured through the same company for some time may also qualify for a discount.

Have the “discount” chat

Each insurer is different and may offer different insurance discounts. Discuss what potential discounts you may be eligible for with your broker, or what you could become eligible for with a few tweaks. Ask about security and safety discounts, club discounts, senior discounts, etc. A good broker should have the insights on how to get the best price.

Shop around with McDougall’s insurance brokers

One of the biggest perks of working with one of Ontario’s leading insurance brokerages is that you get to work with advisors with an array of connections through the industry who can help you get the insurance you need from the provider who is best fitted to you. Our advisors essentially get to know you and your needs, and then get to work matching you with a provider who suits your specific insurance requirements.

Increasing your deductible

Choosing a higher deductible is an almost guaranteed way to get lower insurance premiums. Still, we advise consulting with our professional insurance brokers first before you choose to do so, since raising your deductible also means agreeing to pay more up front in the event of a loss. If your deductible amount is too high, you may not be able to pay it, which may result in having your claim denied and the entirety of the loss falling on you.

Perform regular maintenance on your home

There are many ways you can take care of your home, whether that’s tackling a spring home cleaning, repairing a leaky faucet, or regularly clearing out your eavestroughs. If property loss can be traced back to poor maintenance or lack thereof, then it may lead to a denied claim. As part of your insurance agreement, you’re expected to look after your home – and doing so can increase the odds of catching issues in time before they worsen, and it will lower your odds of making a claim and keep your insurance history in good standing.

McDougall’s Home Insurance Commitment

McDougall has well over 70 years of Ontario brokerage experience and has upheld its promise to use our established relationships and knowledge to consistently provide you with the right advice and get you the best coverage for the best price. We are extremely proud of the abilities of our home insurance brokers and staff and know that our team of experts will do everything in their power to be there for you when you need them. We know that your home is everything to you, so reach out to us at McDougall Insurance to keep it safe. We do what we do best: handling your specific insurance needs and offering you many Ontario home insurance quotes so you can compare them from the comfort of your own home. You can request a free quote here.

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Home Insurance FAQ’s

No, home insurance in Barrie, ON is not mandatory. Unlike auto insurance, home insurance is not required by law in the province. However, if you are still making mortgage payments, then odds are that you will need to purchase coverage per the requirements of your financial institution or mortgage company. They may make it a requirement that you purchase a certain level or type of home insurance coverage.

Home insurance in Barrie varies, depending on the coverage you’re required or choose to have, as well as the area you live in and past home insurance history. The average home insurance costs can range from thousands of dollars annually and are based on location in the city and the neighbourhood. It also includes other factors such as home size, replacement value, coverage type, etc….. all these factors can affect the rate, so contact your dedicated insurance advisor today to start shopping for affordable home insurance.

Tenant insurance or renter’s insurance in Ontario is a type of insurance policy purchased by renters, i.e., individuals who do not own their home but instead rent it, and it doesn’t cover the physical dwelling of the home but rather its contents. It also provides liability coverage and coverage for extra living expenses that may be needed if the tenant is forced to evacuate their unit.

If you are moving to your new main residence and bringing along personal items, that personal property will be covered for up to 30 days from the moment you begin moving. Those items will have coverage during transit.

Remember, a new home is not covered by your insurance company automatically. If you were previously insured with a home insurance company in Barrie, you will need to get in touch with your insurer to ask about insuring the new property. This is because your new property may need different coverage than your previous one.

Your Barrie house insurance policy may cover you for vandalism and attempted theft, assuming you had purchased the necessary coverage. Most home insurance options will include coverage for vandalism. That being said, you should still refer to your policy details to confirm if this is the case. Some “bare bones” policies will only cover against basic perils, such as fires, storms, lightning, wind damage, etc., but may exclude things like vandalism and attempted theft.

It depends. Usually, falling objects and their related damages are covered by your home insurance policy. There are limits, however.

Limits could apply if the tree that fell onto your property was overdue for removal, but you failed to remove it in time. Coverage for replacing the actual tree and the removal of debris may apply, but coverage could vary for the actual property damage costs.

Limits may also apply if the tree belonged to the city, not to you. If this is the case, you need to contact the city to remove the tree and the debris. You will likely be covered by your insurance policy for any resulting damage to your property.

If the tree belonged to a neighbour and not to you, you’ll likely be covered for any resulting damages to your property plus the cost of debris removal.

In Ontario, insurance brokers typically do not charge a direct fee to customers for their services. Instead, they earn commissions from insurance companies for policies they sell. The commissions are built into the insurance premium that customers pay. This commission-based model is designed to align the broker’s interests with finding the best insurance solutions for their clients. It’s essential for customers to clarify the commission structure and any potential fees with their insurance broker before finalizing a policy.

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