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Car Insurance in Barrie

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Free Car Insurance Quotes in Barrie

Barrie, located about 100 km north of the Greater Toronto Area, offers drivers a respite from the high insurance rates charged by other cities in Ontario.

It’s not easy driving in Barrie, but experienced drivers know how to use Highways 26 and 11 for a quick trip to the waterfront or downtown. Driving conditions in Barrie will only get worse as the city grows.

Barrie residents need reliable auto insurance because of cottager traffic, tourists and commuters who are always in town, as well as the challenging driving conditions during winter.

You can save money on Barrie auto insurance by shopping around. If you are one of the many Barrie residents who are also looking for ways to save on auto insurance, you could save a lot of money by comparing rates with McDougall for your next auto insurance policy.

Barrie residents can also benefit from a range of personalized auto insurance plans that cater to their unique driving needs and lifestyles. If you need to contact an experienced insurance broker in Barrie, feel free to reach out now.

With McDougall Insurance, you can receive a quote for car insurance in Barrie today from top Canadian insurance companies. Continue reading to find out more about Barrie auto insurance and how you can save money on your coverage.

How Car Insurance in Barrie Works

Barrie is no different from anywhere else in terms of auto insurance. Drivers must have it to legally operate a car. It is mandatory to have auto insurance in Barrie to avoid fines or license suspension.

You can face serious penalties if you drive in Ontario without insurance. Drivers who are caught driving without the minimum amount of insurance can face fines as high as $50,000 or even lose their license for up to a year.

If you are caught driving without insurance, you may also be classified as a “high-risk” driver by your car insurance company. You could be facing years of high car insurance rates. Signing up for an insurance policy protects you and your wallet.

Car insurance in Barrie, like other places, provides financial coverage if you or your vehicle are involved in an incident.

The Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario regulates insurance in Ontario. FSRA (Financial Services Regulatory Authority) is responsible for ensuring that the proposed rates of insurance companies are fair, and it requires that agents and companies who sell auto insurance are licensed and follow all legal guidelines.

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Barrie Insurance Products

What Does Car Insurance in Barrie Cover?

Mandatory Car Insurance

You must have a minimum level of auto insurance in Ontario to comply with the provincial laws and the Financial Services Commission of Ontario, the agency responsible for overseeing the insurance industry in Ontario.

Ontario’s no-fault car insurance policy means that your own insurance company will pay your benefits if you are involved in an accident, regardless of who caused it. No fault insurance does not cover property damage. This means that it will not pay to fix dents, scratches, or any other issues with your vehicle. Many people purchase extra car insurance for this reason.

Your policy must include these items to satisfy the minimum requirements for car insurance:

Third Party Liability Insurance

Barrie drivers must carry third-party liability insurance of at least $200,000. This protects them if they cause an accident resulting in injuries, deaths, or property damage.

Direct Compensation Property Damage Insurance (DCPD)

Direct compensation property damage insurance covers damage caused to your vehicle by another driver. DCPD comes with a few restrictions, including that the accident must occur in Ontario and vehicles must be registered in Ontario.

If you don’t meet these criteria, then your collision insurance will cover you, but it’s an optional product, so not everyone buys it.

Statutory Accident Benefits

Basic accident benefits include replacement of income up to $400 per week, attendant care, and death and funeral benefits.

Uninsured Automobile Insurance

Uninsured auto insurance will cover you if you are not at fault for an accident caused by an uninsured driver who is unidentified.

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Barrie Auto Insurance Optional Coverage

Collision insurance

This insurance covers damage incurred in a collision. This insurance will cover you in the event that your vehicle is damaged by a collision, whether you hit another car or a stationary object such as a tree or guardrail.

Comprehensive insurance

This insurance covers any loss a driver might suffer due to events unrelated to driving. These losses can include theft, vandalism, damage caused by an attempted burglary, or hail or floods.

Emergency roadside assistance

This coverage will cover you financially in the event of roadside emergencies, such as flat tires, dead batteries, towing, or keys locked inside your vehicle. Roadside assistance coverage is offered by many insurance companies, either as part of their coverage or as an addition.

Find out more about coverage options with a quick call to our experienced car insurance brokers in Barrie!

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How Are Barrie Car Insurance Rates Calculated?

How much is auto insurance in Barrie going to cost? This depends on several factors, such as:


Men pay more than women for auto insurance. The FSCO lets insurers adjust their rates based on gender if they can support them with actuarial information.


You can expect to pay more for auto insurance if you are young. Insurance companies charge higher premiums to younger drivers because they experience more car accidents. According to FSCO, most premiums drop after 25.

Where you live

Some insurance companies consider your driving style in addition to the accident history you have (or don’t have). They might consider whether you drive mostly on highways (where the speed limits are higher) or if most of your driving occurs near your home.

Insurance companies will also consider how much time you spend driving. Your car insurance rates may be lower if you only drive a short distance to work every day.

Your driving records

You can expect to be rewarded for your good driving behavior. Companies evaluate customers according to their risk. Statistics show that if you have a good driving record, you are likely to maintain it.

If you have a history of speeding tickets or fender benders, insurers will view you as prone to accidents and charge you more for insurance.

Type of car

Ever wondered why certain cars are more expensive to insure than others? You should think twice before buying that expensive sports car if you are planning to buy a new vehicle soon.

Insurance premiums will be higher for certain vehicles, like high-end models designed for speed. It’s the same for vehicles that are known to be targeted for theft and break-ins. You can use an insurance calculator when you are in the market to buy a new car to see which ones will cost more.

Insurance companies are prohibited from setting rates for car insurance based on factors such as a person’s past credit histories, bankruptcies in the past, employment status, vehicle owner status, or even how long they have lived at their current home.

Insurance companies also cannot discriminate against an individual based on their lapses in coverage, their history of minor accidents, or accidents where they were less than 25% at fault.


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Get an exact estimate of the cost of car insurance Barrie with McDougall by simply entering your information!


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How to Save Money on Barrie Car Insurance

Compare rates

By comparing  from top insurers. McDougall allows you to compare Barrie auto insurance quotes in one location.

Select the best coverage

By paying only for the coverage you need, and more, your premiums will be lower.

Drive safely

Your driving record will affect your rate. Less infractions, fines, and accidents equal cheaper auto insurance.

Pay on time

Paying on schedule can save you from late fees and reduce your premiums.

Bundle your policies

If you bundle your insurance policies, for example, bundling home & car insurance, then your rates may be lower.

Invest in safety features

Safety features for your car can help reduce your insurance premiums.

Stick with one insurance company

Most companies offer car insurance discounts for customers who remain with them for a long period of time.

Consider a driving course

This will make you a safer driver and it may also reduce your insurance rates.

Gain more driving experience

The more you drive and experience you get, the lower your car insurance rates will be. Young drivers pay higher car insurance premiums but can lower their rates by attending driving school and maintaining good grades.

Choose the right car

Cars with good crash-test ratings, low theft rates, and engines that are less powerful tend to be cheaper to insure.

Add driving tracking

With a usage-based auto insurance policy, your low-risk driving can translate into lower premiums.

McDougall can get you cheap car insurance in Barrie from the best insurance companies in the city. All you need to do is apply for a car insurance quote in Barrie!

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Car Insurance in Barrie FAQs

Insurance for cars will always be higher for drivers who have a record of frequent collisions and other driving convictions.

If your insurer decides you cannot be covered by a standard policy, you must purchase high-risk insurance in Barrie.

The price of high-risk insurance in Barrie is also based on your driving record. This includes the number of accidents you have been involved in, tickets for speeding, and convictions such as reckless driving, driving under the influence, and drunk driving.

In Ontario, the cost of high-risk auto coverage is typically 2-3 times higher than that of standard auto coverage. However, having this insurance allows high-risk Barrie drivers to begin rebuilding their reputations as safe drivers.

Barrie’s lowest rates for car insurance are offered to adults between 50 and 70 years old. You may see a rise in your rates after 70 years old because statistically, people of that age are more likely to have to make a claim or take longer to recover. It may be worth shopping around for new Barrie auto insurance if you notice your rates are increasing.

When calculating your insurance rate, car insurers consider your annual mileage. The longer a driver is on the road, the more likely they are to be in an accident.

Your premium will be higher if you drive your car daily and commute a lot. The amount of mileage per day varies depending on the insurer but, in general, anything more than 25-30 km/day is considered a lengthy commute.

You will be charged slightly more if you use your vehicle only for short trips (about 6-9km a day).

Your premiums will not be affected if you only use your car to drive for pleasure (3 km or less).

Barrie car insurance quotes are influenced by many factors, including the car you drive. A cheap, used car that has a good safety rating will typically have lower insurance costs. Minivans, SUVs, and crossovers are also often cheaper to insure than sedans due to their lower risk profile.

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