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COVID-19: Update

We are doing our utmost to protect our customers and our staff.

Our Courtice office is closed to the public. We are taking precautions at this time based on the proximity to the GTA. We will still be operating, however we are allowing no clients inside. Our priority is keeping our staff and clients healthy and safe.

You can still conduct business online or through email. For a list of staff emails go to: Staff Profiles

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Find reliable insurance you can trust is important to you. That is why you should always have a McDougall Insurance & Financial Broker on your side. It is our job to work for you, our clients, to find the best available insurance for your specific needs. Not to mention we have over 70 years experience in the industry. Our office in Courtice offers solutions for car insurance, home insurance, business insurance and life and financial services. Give us a try today!

Courtice Car Insurance

Courtice is the second most Western office at McDougall Insurance & Financial. Only roughly an hour from the heart of Toronto it may surprise some that Courtice, in line with many of the office locations where McDougall Insurance operates, does not share the hustle and bustle and busy lifestyle that Toronto and the surrounding area experiences. Instead it exudes a much more small-city feel and when it comes to finding Courtice car insurance this means way better rates. When companies rate an auto insurance policy one of the big factors they look at is the address where the car is located. The chance of having a claim in Courtice, based on the area, is much less than Toronto. What does that mean for you? More affordable car insurance premiums regardless of whether you are a young driver, an experienced driver, a driver with a few misfortunes it really doesn’t matter! Interested in finding out how much you could be saving? Give a McDougall Insurance Broker in Courtice a try today, you’ll be glad you did!

Courtice Home Insurance

Your biggest investment needs the proper protection. The advantage of having an insurance broker from McDougall Insurance & Financial in Courtice is that we know and understand the area and we take the knowledge to our clients. Every person’s situation is different when it comes to finding meaningful home insurance. Have one of our Courtice Insurance Brokers sit down with you to create a home insurance plan that will protect your biggest investment. We ask the questions and build the relationship with our clients to ensure your best interests are covered.

Courtice Business Insurance

For a small city, Courtice boasts some impressive businesses. These businesses deserve the time and care of a McDougall Insurance Commercial Broker. Our experts are always on their client’s side and work with them to find the proper business insurance coverage specific to their needs. We have the ability to insure just about anything; from small fleets of cars, to large transportation companies, hotels, restaurants, and anything in between. Contact one of our business insurance specialists and cover your business from head to toe.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Rebecca John
McDougall Insurance has been the insurance brokerage I’ve dealt with since I started buying insurance policies in 2007. I have been extremely happy with the service provided by McDougall and their staff.
Jennifer Clapp
I haven't had to make a claim myself but a few others I know that use McDougall's say the process was friendly and courteous.
Wayne Lazary
I have had my auto and home insurance with Darlene Hughes of McDougall Ins. for about 12 yrs. and have been completely satisfied . Darlene has done an exceptional job for me in every way and is always there to answer any question I may have. I would highly recommend McDougall Ins. to anyone.

Recreational Insurance

Your toys need protection too! Boats, motorcycles, ATV, snowmobiles, RVs, you name it we’ve got it covered. Plus bundle your toys with your home or auto policy and truly experience what it means to be Frugal!

McDougall Family Fund 2021!

Congratulations to this years winners! Our McDougall Family Fund is back! Go to our Facebook Page for full details. What is the McDougall Family Fund Contest? This is our 8th year of our McDougall Family Fund Contest! That means we will be...

COVID-19 Update

Our offices are open to the public.

We are doing our utmost to protect our customers and our staff and following the Province wide lockdown protocols.

Business can still be conducted online, through email or over the phone. For a list of staff emails go to: Staff Profiles