Well, well, well another menace, err I mean young responsible individual, has just passed their G1 and are ready to hit the road. Of course you or a qualifying driver will have to be riding shotgun with them… Good luck with that… But this is an exciting time for them! They are likely eager to start driving right away but before they head out on the road lets clear up some of the questions you might have. The big question most parents have is now that they are driving your vehicle, do you need to list your G1 driver on your car insurance policy? Great question, let’s have a peek shall we?


What is a G1 License?

Before we get to deep into the question lets make sure we are on the same page for what a G1 license is. A G1 license is the first step in Ontario’s graduated licensing program. To apply you must be at least 16 years of age. You then must pass an eye test, followed by a written test. This test challenges applicants based on their knowledge and awareness of the rules of the road, traffic signals and case based problems. The G1 test must be completed and passed before a driver can get behind the wheel of a car.


Are There Restrictions for a G1 Driver?

Yes, there are some important restrictions that G1 drivers must follow:

  • Must have a 0 blood alcohol level.
  • Must have a G-licensed driver with a minimum of 4 year experience sitting in the passenger seat. By the way that passenger must have a blood alcohol level of below 0.05.
  • Cannot drive on any 400 series highways
  • Cannot drive after midnight and cannot drive before 5:00am

For a more complete list please visit young drivers.


Do I Need to List a G1 Driver?

Ok great, so we have covered what a G1 license is and the restrictions. Now back to that question you were asking, do you need to add them on your car insurance policy? The answer is NO, you do not. It is true that all vehicles on the road do require insurance by law. However, the reason a G1 driver does not need to be listed on a policy is they are typically driving in someone else’s car and that car has its own policy, so the G1 driver would be covered under that policy. And because a G1 driver has to be accompanied by a qualifying third party who has given them consent to operate their vehicle insurance companies do not rate for G1 drivers. It is still a good idea to let your insurance company know there is a G1 driver in the household, but only when a driver is able to operate a vehicle independently will they need to be listed as a driver on a policy.


Other Frequently Asked Questions About G1 Drivers

We know it can be a new and exciting time for a G1 driver and there are often so many questions about what they can or cannot do. We tackled the big one when it comes to adding a G1 driver to your insurance but we often get asked some other good questions as well. We tried to tackle a few of the more common ones we receive below. Have any other questions that we didn’t answer? Shoot us a comment and we will do our best to respond.

Do I still need to notify my insurance company about a G1 driver?

You should still notify your insurance company about a G1 driver but typically there will be no change to your policy. What is actually more important is notifying your insurance company when a driver in your household receives their G2 license. Because a G2 licensed driver can operate a vehicle by themselves they must be listed on an auto insurance policy. Even if they are just being added as an occasional driver. At this point in time you will likely see your insurance premiums go up and sometimes it can increase quite significantly. This is why we always recommend completing a certified driver training course as it bumps the G2 driver from a 0 star rating to a 3 star rating assuming there are no claims or convictions during that time. It also helps them transition towards driving on their own and teaches them how to be a safe and responsible vehicle operator.

Can a G1 driver buy a car?

A G1 driver can certainly purchase their own vehicle. However, when it comes to being able to insure the vehicle the situation can be a little confusing. If the ownership is in the G1 drivers name the insurance policy will also be set up in their name. However, they need to list a principal operator on the vehicle who has at least their G2 license. This is where a parent or older family member in the household will typically be listed as the primary driver. As soon as the G1 driver receives their G2 they can be switched to the principal operator. Always ask your insurance broker about what to do in this scenario. Don’t have an insurance broker? You’re going to need to read why you need one: Insurance Broker vs Insurance Agent.

Can a G1 driver get demerit points?

Yes, a G1 driver can still receive demerit points if they are convicted of breaking the law while driving. These convictions will still show up on the G1 drivers record and will be used as a rating factor and affect the drivers premium when they receive their G2. If a driver receives too many demerit points their license can be suspended and they will have to attend a meeting to explain why they should be allowed to keep their license.

Do any claims or convictions you receive while you are a G1 driver affect your insurance?

Yes to both. Convictions or tickets you receive with your G1 will affect your insurance when you get your G2 license. These convcitions will remain on your record for 3 years. Claims or at-fault accidents will also impact your insurance when you get your G2 license and the rates are typically not very good. At-fault accidents last on your record for 6 years with most companies. If too many demerit points or infractions are accumulated you may need to exclude your G1 driver from your policy when they receive their G2.


Getting Out on the Road

Becoming a new driver is always an exciting new chapter in anyone’s life, but it can also be dangerous and comes with a lot of responsibility. This is why it is important to always be alert and follow the rules of road to ensure your own safety and the safety of others around you. Don’t worry as time goes on you will become more and more comfortable and before you know it you will be finished the graduating licensing system.

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